MT5 ea downloads the latest version of Eve EA v2.77 DLL unlocking

+ documentation + settings file complete set

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A multi-currency and fully automated trading system running during trading hours in the United States.

Only 7 out of 10 * * are left * * for $545!

Next price– > $970.

We do not use Grid or Martingale. Default settings for a chart EURNZD M15.

Https://”> live performance.

Https://!tab=comments&page=1&comment=44435946″> Settin.

Https://″> installation Guide.

Every trade has a fixed stop loss and profit tracking. The system runs on a chart EURNZD M15.

The algorithm is also suitable for multiple currency pairs with strong mean regression trend and high profit target.

Automation enters the market in the evening with market orders from 19:00 to 24:00 and does not open trading during and after the extension period (0:00-1:00).

EVE uses a number of advanced Pattern and varying degrees of protection to determine the most accurate entry and exit point, so the winning rate is high.

Every transaction is protected from slips, spreads and bad brokerage conditions.

This is an open algorithm, and you can create your own settings for other currency pairs at any time.

You can also contact me privately for bonus settings and suggestions for VPS and Broker.

Time frame figure 1: EURNZD M15.
EA may be sensitive to spreads and slips. I suggest using a good ECN broker.
The consultant must work continuously, so it is recommended to use VPS 24. 7.
EA uses adaptive hand count, but in the case of low leverage (1:30 or below), margin requirements for low-asset accounts may be problematic.

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