Panda Hedging MT4 v1.82 latest version of DLL unlocked

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Panda hedging strategy:

Due to the high volatility of the foreign exchange market, traders are often forced to develop new methods and techniques to limit losses and maximize profits. Among the various strategies and strategies adopted, hedging has become one of the most effective strategies and strategies to optimize the chances of winning. Hedging can be regarded as a kind of insurance in the foreign exchange market. But there are also moments when they deviate from normal values (currency deviations).

That’s why we decided to create our own Panda Hedging automated trading strategy, which will include two elements of hedging trading, the use of grid trading algorithms, and a security system with a high level of deposit protection. (all additional orders are opened with the same fixed number of hands and do not use hand multiplication (Martingale)).

If the price starts to run counter to the order, the consultant will begin to place additional orders based on the author’s algorithm, up to 10 orders for each tool in the pair.

Instructions for using ea:

USDCAD time range: M1.
1000-1500USD USDCAD USDNOK 0.02hands AUDUSD USDNOK 0.01hands.
3. Please use the correct settings file.

Panda Hedging ea SET file: Panda Hedging ea 1.81 MT4 SET file [] ( “”).

Back test panda hedge: back test panda hedge”>.

The remaining two parts are priced at $450,500, and the next one is priced at $5000.00 [] ( “”).

The system created was tested on a real account:

Field signal:



Important tips:

1. Low spread accounts are recommended.

two。. Please confirm that your broker supports the trading currency USDNOK before buying. And leveraged USDNOK, don’t buy usdnok if you can’t trade it.

3. Panda Hedging only trades USDCAD/USDNOK AUDUSD/USDNOK. The signal has to test another currency. Additional currency hedging will be added in future releases.

4.MT4 version and MT5 version are the same.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:

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