The latest version of South East EA 3.0 is unlimited and does not require DLL or environment.

South East EA uses virtual transactions to determine admission, does not use metrics and does not require complex settings, because users only need to upload settings files that are already available. At present, there are more than 20 foreign exchange pair setting documents and 2 gold and silver setting documents.

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VPS with a good Internet connection.

Martingale, yes.
Grid, yes.
Virtual stop loss and stop profit, yes.
Trailing, yes.
Close the part, yes.
News filter, yes.
Money management, yes.
Virtual transaction, yes.
Intelligent multi-symbol control, yes.
Holiday control, yes.
Virtual hanging order, yes.
Time control, yes.
The real-time transaction result will be very different from the backtest because there are several features that do not work during the retest:

Southeast EA is designed to use global variables to work on the basis of virtual transactions, and global variables only work during real-time transactions.
Intelligent Multi-Variety Control (SMSC) will control all charts that can control open positions, where this function applies only to real-time transactions.
The news filter is also only applicable to real-time transactions, which will prevent ea from opening positions when there is high-impact news.
Expert opinion:

Manage open positions.
Transaction Buy: allow Buy.
Trade sell: allow to sell.
+ radical mode: this feature allows the SEA algorithm to continuously search for signals.

Trade on the new post: if true, the transaction will begin on the new post.
Continue the new cycle: if False,EA will stop starting a new trading cycle, manage only the remaining open positions until all positions are closed.
Stop the new cycle during the Christmas and New year holidays: if enabled, EA will stop starting a new trading cycle from December 23 to January 5.
Intelligent multi-symbol control: enable / disable maximum allowable foreign exchange pair risk.
Maximum number of foreign exchange pairs allowed by risk: if intelligent multi-symbol control = true, fill in the maximum foreign exchange pair allowed by risk.
Management hanging order.
Working time frame: the time frame of virtual transaction.
Open the next virtual grid in the trend direction: EA will open the virtual grid when there is a signal.
Start placing real orders: specify the number of virtual orders to start placing real orders.
The distance between the real pending order and the current price (points).
Move the step of the real pending order (in points).
Manage hands and money.
Hand shape: select hand type.
Automatic number of hands (for example, 5000 $= 0.01): number of managed hands.
If AutoLot = true, fill in the funds to be managed, $: fill in the funds to be managed (for example, balance 5000, fill in 1000, automatic batch = 5000Universe 5 x 0.010.05).
If automatic batch = false, fill in the starting number: fill in the initial number.
The multiplier of Martingale 4: multiplier hand coefficient.
Maximum number of hands: maximum number of hands per transaction.
Maxtrade: allow maximum transaction.
Manage Grid.
Step size (point): the distance to open the next position.
Extended step size factor: step multiplier factor.
Change step: allow change step.
Number of hands starting to change step: number of hands coefficient.
Change the step size to (in points).
Extended step size coefficient: step size multiplier coefficient with variable step size.
Open the next change step grid in the trend direction: if there is a signal, EA will open a new position.
Manage virtual SLTP.
Use virtual stops and stops: enable / disable virtual stops and stops.
Virtual stop loss (point): stop loss point.
Virtual stop profit (points): stop profit in points.
Manage trailing.
Trailing type: select trailing typ.
Tracking start (points): tracking start.
Trailing size (in points): step size trailing in points.
Management pullback reduced.
Use auto-close part, in currency: close part in currency.
Select the method to close the part:
Activate the number of trades partially closed: begin to apply the minimum number of open positions in partially closed positions.
The minimum profit of the closing portion of $: the minimum profit of closing the position in currency.
Use auto-close section, percentage: close part percentage.
Activate the number of trades partially closed: begin to apply the minimum number of open positions in partially closed positions.
%% profit percentage of partial liquidation: the minimum profit for partial liquidation, expressed as a percentage.
Automatic shutdown section 3: enable / disable automatic shutdown section 3.
Select the close part 3 method.
Activate the number of transactions with partial liquidations 3.
The number of hands at the beginning of partial closing: the minimum number of hands to activate partial closing 3.
Minimum closing profit (points): the minimum profit that can be closed.
Partial closing percentage,%: how many% of hands will be closed. For example, 50% x the number of hands 0.1 = 0.05 to partially close the position.
time management.
Transaction start time: the time to start the transaction.
End time of transaction: the time at which the trading session ends.
Manage others.
Maximum point difference (points): allowable point difference.
Coefficient (if freeze = 0 or stop level = 0): fill in at least 1, just to predict fluctuating market conditions, the broker will increase the freeze level and stop level.
Magic number: EA identifies open positions based on this magic number.

53cb1e5d8fb40b1bab86e35be141adad40abec6c - The latest version of South East EA 3.0 is unlimited and does not require DLL or environment.

51b220ba44c88502d695520084613e32b3d0a31c 1024x466 - The latest version of South East EA 3.0 is unlimited and does not require DLL or environment.

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