[GerFX Density Scalper mt4 version has dll] forex ea free download!

Official website introduction: www.mql5.com/zh/market/mt4/expert?filter=GerFX%20Density%20Scalper.
MQL5 signal: www.mql5.com/zh/signals/author/xeres?orderby=weeks.
Myfxbook signal: www.myfxbook.com/search/Density%20Scalper.

DLL file is required to run.
EA requires key parameters.

Before buying night scalpers, please be aware of the risks involved: 1) past performance does not guarantee future profitability (EA may also lose money). 2) the displayed backtests (such as screenshots) are highly optimized to find the best parameters, but the results cannot be transferred to real-time transactions. 3) any mean return can fall into the wrong side of fast movement due to unexpected news or lightning crashes. This strategy will always use stop losses, but the execution of the SL still depends on your broker. 4) Night scalpers rely on good brokerage conditions, such as lows and slips, which may be even worse in terms of the number of experts.
GerFX density scalping (in this case, MT5 version) is the average regression system for quiet periods of the day. It is similar to QuantFlow Scalper, but optimized in several ways to reduce slippage. For example, the entry logic is reduced to make the calculation faster, and the exit is completed by stopping the surplus order, which may even lead to a positive slip point when exiting the transaction.

In addition, it provides a variety of parameters for optimizing entry conditions and other improvements.

It does not use Martingale or grids, and every position has a stop.

* * symbols: * * Euro against USD, GBP against USD, EUR against Swiss franc, USD against Swiss franc, US dollar against Canadian dollar, Euro Canadian dollar, Australian dollar against US dollar, Australian dollar against New Zealand dollar, Australian dollar against US dollar, Australian dollar against New Zealand dollar, Australian dollar against Japanese yen, euro against New Zealand dollar, pound Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar against US dollar, New Zealand dollar against Canadian dollar).

Time range: M5.

Maximum pullback in 16 years: $0-01 per $35.50 (depending on the number of currency pairs).

Real-time monitoring (my signal also uses breaking news filter).

Please read the blog post for instructions on how to set up EA and download the backtest (or use this direct link).

If you use the GMT automatic setting, EA automatically attempts to detect the GMT offset. It is best to check carefully manually when using it for the first time.

EA should run continuously on VPS without interruption (also Friday night) to store historical data.

Please allow web requests to be made to the following URL for calendar news filter and automatic GMT offset calculation:

* http://backup. * fxdata.cc.
* http://breaking. * fxdata.cc (required only when using breaking news filters).
Ideally, the backtest should be done using the real-time quote data suite GMT+2 with US Daylight time.

It is important to use the real point difference in the back test, rather than some fixed point difference. Please note, however, that the spreads between brokers may be very different at that time.

EA should be closed on days when important events occur, such as elections in the UK, the US or Europe!

General deal Settings.

DailyEquityStopPercent: important tip: please read point 6 in the blog post.
OrderComment-this comment will be displayed in the History tab for each transaction.
Magic number-personal magic number. EA will only use this magic number to manage the location of chart varieties.
LotType-“fixed” or “increased”, where the number of hands is calculated automatically.
Fixed number of hands-fixed number of hands size, if number of hands type = fixed.
LotStep-how many hands should be increased in net worth per step (if lotType = increase).
Net worth hard stop loss-if net worth falls below this level, EA will close open positions (this strategy only) and will not open any new positions.
PipInPoints-for 5 brokers, this should be 10, for 4 brokers, this should be 1.
Maximum point handicap-the maximum point difference allowed to enter. If less than 0, the automatic setting is used, and the automatic setting for each currency pair is different.
Time setting.

StartHourGMT-when to start trading (GMT).
End time GMT-when to stop trading (GMT).
WaitMinutesBetweenSameSideEntry-after buying a position, another buying position is allowed only after a given time. The same is true of selling positions. If you sleep during trading hours, you can use this parameter to limit the potential total risk. If the last hour is lossmaking, EA will automatically add 15 minutes between waiting minutes to enter.
Automatic Greenwich mean time-whether the Greenwich mean time offset is automatically determined.
Manual GMToffsetWinter-Winter manual GMT offset (if autoGMT=false or in tester).
Manual GMToffsetSummer-Summer manual GMT offset (if autoGMT=false or in tester)

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