[ENS FX forex scalping ea MT4] ENS FX Scalper MT4 v1.337 latest version of DLL unlocked

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Address of firm offer: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1712504?source=Site+Profile+Seller.
* * ENS FX SCALPER * *-fully automatic robot in the foreign exchange market.


Scalping strategy without gridding or martingale method.
Use limit orders to enter and stop profits for best execution and no slip points.
Use real and virtual (hidden) stop loss levels.
More accurate custom indicators for market entry and exit without waiting for a pullback.
Transaction modeling based on real quotation history of top brokers since 2015.
A single chart installs and runs all currency pairs for easy configuration.
There is no need to import settings, the robot has all built-in logic.
Suitable for any time setting: automatic GMT and DST detection.
High-level visual analysis of transaction configuration on a chart.
Robot installation.

Recommended by ECN brokers, for example: https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=58765 “> ICMarkets, https://ru.weltrade.com/?r1=ipartner&r2=39535” > Weltrade, https://www.axi.com/int/live-account?token=Pr6Rfq8ix4jMtvUad8iv3mNd7ZgqdRLk&affid=12659 “> AXI.

[] (https://www.mql5.com/go?link=https://secure.tickmill.com/ “https://secure.tickmill.com/”).

The minimum deposit starts at $100. For a smooth adjustment of the number of hands, it is recommended that $300 to $500.

Load the robot EURUSD or GBPUSD on a chart at any time.

EA should run 24 hours a day with 7. Use a virtual private server.

The default setting is optimal.

Input parameters.

Symbol settin.

Settings_Symbol_List-A list of symbols by comma.

Portfolio_Magic_Number-Magic ID.

Portfolio_Comment-position comment.

Portfolio_Max_Orders-maximum number of open positions (to minimize risk).

Volume management.

Lots _ Fixed-fixed number of hands.

* Risk_Percent *-based on the number of stops per pair.

Lots_Update_Mode-enables / disables hand count reinvestment mode (for backtesting).

Engine option.

Trade_Hedging_Open_Mode-order Open Mode restriction / Market.

Trade_Hedging_StopLoss_Mode-stop-loss close mode real / virtual.

Trade_Hedging_TakeProfit_Mode-TakeProfit closing mode real / virtual.

* Trade_Direction_Mode *-choose the transaction direction.

Time option.

TT_Define_Mode-enables / disables automatic DST and GMT settings (backtest uses “false”).

TT _ Manual _ GMT _ Offset-Manual GMT (for backtesting).

TT_Manual_DST_Mode-Manual DST switching mode (for back testing).

TT_Skip_Week_Begin-skip Monday morning opening.

TT_Skip_Week_End-Skip Friday afternoon opening (AUD / NZD).

* TT_Skip_RollOver_Trading-* skip RollOver transactions.

* TT_Skip_Wednesday_Trading *-skip Wednesday’s trading before triple swaps.

TT_Skip_Holidays_Days-Skip US Holiday transactions.

TT_Skip_Christmas_Holidays– skips Christmas holiday transactions (from December 23 to January 7).

Other options.

Show_Comments-enable / disable chart comments.

Trading pair and risk level.

EA can trade on almost any FX pair, but the default setting is 11. You can add or delete pairs according to the broker.

Risk settings:

Risk_Percent=2 leverage 1:30 (low risk).

Risk _ Percent = 5 leverage starts at 1RV 100 (standard default risk).

Risk _ percentage = 10, leverage starts at 1RV 400 (expert-senior trader)

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:https://www.feixu.xyz/thread/1203

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