Maserati EA makes gold one at a time, ea doubles in a single month.

Mt4 version v7.43 with dll

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* * Maserati method trading strategy is an innovation in financial markets. After years of painstaking research and development, I developed this method to embody the essence of the iconic Maserati brand-a combination of refinement, excellence and attention to detail. * Maserati’s approach is based on cutting-edge technology and is designed to maintain a leading position for those seeking leadership in financial markets. **.
* * Maserati’s approach seeks to dynamically adapt to market changes. The algorithm systematically accumulates and analyzes massive market data, identifies patterns and correlations, and generates market trend forecasts. Using this information, the algorithm takes strategic action at the right time. **.

“Please note that the trading strategy used by Expert Advisor has been updated recently. The signals for the past 3 weeks were generated using the old policy and may not match the results obtained during the back test of the updated version. I suggest using the updated strategy to re-evaluate EA’s performance. “


* * the Maserati consultancy strategy is designed to operate in a dynamic mode so that it can adapt to the changing market environment. * * based on the use of artificial intelligence and circular matrix, the dynamic analysis of Maserati’s advisory strategy provides a complex trading method.

Work on XAUU.S. (gold), (the update will include new trading pairs).
Recommended account type-any account type.
Leverage-any lever is fine, even at 1:20.
Working time range: M30.
Minimum deposit: $100.
VPS is recommended.
Parameter risk-(high risk by default, choose from less to more as you wish).
* * be aware of the potential risks before you buy a consultant. * * past test results do not guarantee such results in the future.

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