[Scorpion mt4] Foreign Exchange ea cracked version download Breakthrough ea

EA uses a breakthrough-based strategy.

20-30% a month without dll

Breakthrough trading is one of the most popular and commonly used strategies among foreign exchange traders. This strategy has a long history and has been verified repeatedly in historical data, and the effect is superior.

EA uses three types of trend breakthroughs (support and resistance breakthroughs, downtrend breakthroughs, and uptrend breakthroughs).

EA uses a very small SL, so the account is always protected and does not reduce funds at a very low risk per transaction.

It uses adaptive tracking stop-loss algorithm.

EA uses a system that closes positions during the slip point.

It is back-tested and optimized using a real quote with 99.9% quality. It has successfully completed the stress test.

EA contains statistics collection algorithms and outputs them on the information panel.
Requirements and suggestions.
-No setting is required. Just hang it up.
-low spread account ECN is recommended.
-use the VPS server with the lowest network latency with the broker server; the latency is less than 2ms.
-Test EA with minimal risk before using it on a real account.
When choosing a broker to trade, low spread + low commission + high quality execution is very important.

The latest version-https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/15313?source=External#description.
Firm offer-https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1690621?source=External

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