Galaxy 5 MT5 Edition without DLL, one non-scalp at a time, non-Martin, this EA is the best.

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Galaxy is another member of my EA portfolio. It is a fully automated robot that runs on a very advanced neural network and is supported by customized support and resistance as well as trend and volume indicators. * it is a multi-currency expert consultant that trades the following symbols: NZDCAD, EURCAD, USDCHF, AUDUS, CADJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY, GBPNZD. To get the best results, you need to run it on the NZDCAD H1 chart. * * it can also detect trend reversals, so overall, you have five different strategies in an EA.


Multi-currency expert consultant.
One chart setup-runs on NZDCAD H1.
Trade 7 symbols.
Do not use any risky policies, such as tokens or grids.
Artificial intelligence robot.
Applicable to FTMO and other props accounts.
It has a profit history of four months, and I believe this is much more valuable than a return test that is not always consistent with the on-site results. * * as you can see in the description, these are 100% algorithmic transactions, so ask yourself: do I want a perfect back test or an actual stable on-site performance?

Here are the 5-star comments from genuine buyers:

I bought Galaxy V and its partner Trade Republic *. My first priority is an EA that doesn’t take too much risk. It will stop ahead of time before some big operations, which is impossible in Martingale. Although many EA even use less risky modified martingales, it may not look like a martingale, but it is. The fact is that, to some extent, it is always part of a successful deal. This EA is not a dedicated martingale or grid. Anna’s work is unique and she automates through advanced neural network applications. I don’t know the details, but after four days of live transaction, the result is very good. Overall, I traded 18 pairs at the same time, all in artificial intelligence. * without automation, I couldn’t have done this myself. Overall, I provided about 10 per cent of manual analysis and control and allowed AI to handle the remaining 90 per cent. The future is here. * We don’t know what kind of market manipulation will occur in the future, but Anna is currently writing. I believe this is my favorite. The pairing of automatic transactions has a high enough success rate, the returns are consistent, and the exact percentage is uncertain, but it must be more than 70%. My first priority is that EA- provides nearly 100% intelligence-trading multiple pairs in exchange for opportunities. — intelligently handle news events. Intelligently deal with random insanity. -become trustworthy enough for me to relax! * I want to give these two EA 5 stars. * * Galaxy 5… The trading republic because they meet a large proportion of my requirements. More than I see in other people. Ximiao Jingshen Executive Director, Kaiwalia Shaolin Professor Quantum Natural Therapy cures. .

* * Update on March 2, 2023-after two weeks of testing, adjusting parameters, and learning to use EA, my 200K account has increased by 1%. * run the service in 6 accounts. * or. * US $1.2 million. * not less than $1000 per week. * each account, totaling $12000. * has been added through two new $200000 prop accounts, so EA has paid its own fees. * have a small learning curve and good technical analysis necessary for your own personal exchanges. * so the five-star rating will remain the same. thank you, Anna, love you, cheers, best wishes.


* * I have just bought this new jewel to trade. * this is a very secure EA (like Anna’s), and DD is always under control. The * settings are really interesting and easy, and I’m using new pairs to spread out my deals. The backtracking test is amazing. * I trust Anna because there is one great thing about her EA: the real deal is always the same as the Backtest deal! I’ll take a look at it. I may give you some good news soon. * * Anna always responds quickly and provides support, which is not always the same for all developers.

* * after in-depth backtesting, I bought Galaxy 5. Now, I set it up in a real-time account with a limited budget for real-time testing this month. The backtracking test is quite impressive. * what should I expect from this EA (I am based on Backtest’s point of view)? It was profitable from 2017 to 2022. * every year there are rich and stable profits. When your risk rises slightly, DD is also low. * this is an EA that protects your capital. All in all, it must work for at least 6 months or a year. But it seems promising. * with a default risk of 1.0%, DDS is very low (about 2.3%) and profits are very good, especially if you use a well-capitalized account. * * this month, I will update the review to see how to work on the on-site account in the coming months.

this is not the first EA I bought from Anna. * I made money with others, and now I want to diversify through the combination of others. Anna is very helpful and always gives great support by answering questions. * I am very hopeful about this EA. * * We will wait and see.
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