Bright Night v1.0 MT5 latest version of DLL unlock forex ea download

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The bright night is a fully automated consultant who works in the foreign exchange market during quiet hours.

The other four copies will be sold for $599. The next price is $699.

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As we know, the spread in the foreign exchange market has been widening recently, sometimes reaching unreasonable limits. Sometimes, spreads can stifle potentially profitable trades and cause losses. But not in this case. Bright Night reads these spread extensions to determine the pattern between the selling price and the buying price, which tells us that the possible price trend is in the direction we need. This approach provides modern market analysis rather than the past. EA does not use indicators, neural networks, or price behavior. The establishment and maintenance of a transaction is based entirely on the spread. As a result, EA is one step ahead in predicting price movements, while indicator-based EA lags behind. Bright Night has built-in parameters for EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, and EURAUD. You don’t need to set up, you just need to install the consultant on the chart and select the number of hands you want. EA does not trade frequently, but it can provide a high percentage of profitable trading. Therefore, even at the beginning of the sale, the price will be very high, because I want to rule out uninformed buyers. Important note: this consultant will not participate in my discounts on other products.

EA uses hanging orders-this significantly reduces slip points.
EA does not use average orders, martingales and other dangerous trading methods.
All transactions will be closed within 3-5 hours.
Each transaction is accompanied by a stop loss and profit, as well as a limit on the life of the transaction.
EA does not use news filters.
All transactions comply with the first-in, first-out rule.
Ability to use OneChart mode.
Refine risk settings.
The test provides slip points and actual price differentials for the entire available history from 2003 to the present.

Suggestion: trade 0.01 lots for $100 with all 5 pairs in the trading list. I also recommend using Bright Night on ECN or RAW accounts and using low ping VPS.

General settings:
Magic-you can set any number for all pairs, mainly because this number is inconsistent with the magic numbers of other experts.
Comments-you can specify any comments that make it easy for you to identify historical transactions.
GMT-you must specify the broker’s winter time.
DST-you must specify the DST of your broker. If you don’t know how to set the GMT time correctly-write to me and I will help you set it up.
Number of hands Type-if it is Fix, EA will use a fixed number of hands. If you choose automatic, EA will calculate the number of hands based on your balance.
Lot Calculation Balance/Equity-if you select automatic hand count, you must specify whether the number of hands is calculated by balance or net worth.
Lot fix / Lot per balance/equity-if the number of hands is fixed, specify a fixed number. If you select Auto lot, specify the number of hands to calculate automatically.
Increase the balance / number of hands-if the number is automatic, specify the steps to increase the number of hands.
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