Long-term: forex ea programming / forex ea cracking / mql5 ea decompilation / mt4/mt5 ea cracking: reference price list

You can trade in the ruins, and you can get a refund if you don’t succeed.
In principle, do not crack the ea written by domestic authors, first, most of the quality is poor, second, the meat did not eat a coquettish (copyright issues).
Ea, the latest mql5 market, can also be broken. The time limit is broken 100% successfully, and the broken source code is 95% successful, so the ea is usually repaired manually after breaking the source, and may not be restored at 100%.
Break the limit on the same day, break the source within a week, if there is nothing else, then the price on the price list is to crack the transaction price, and sometimes the specific situation should be analyzed specifically.
Don’t take the beta version of ea downloaded from the official website to crack it, it’s useless.
Ea type cracking time limit cracking source code.
1 mql5 market EA/ index 580 RMB 9980 RMB.
(need to purchase and unlock the dll-free version) (time < 2days) (time-consuming 3-5days).
2 the EA/ index of cloud protection is RMB 580RMB and RMB 9980.
(time < 2days) (time consuming 3-5days).
(3) the general EA/ index is 580 RMB and 3580 RMB.
(time < 1days) (time < 1days).
4 contains dll files ex4 1980 RMB is not supported.
(time consuming 3-5days).
5 the EA/ target of 9980 RMB protected by the third party is not supported.
(time consuming 3-5days).
6 MT5 EA/ target 3580 RMB is not supported.
(time consuming 3-5days).
7 exe type EA/ index 9980 RMB is not supported.
(time consuming 3-5days).
I have been picking up foreign exchange ea programming for a long time, mainly to help foreigners write more, and domestic ones to receive less, because foreigners offer an unambiguous price and secretly tell you that I wrote an ea on the official website of mql5 on the forum, and the strategies are all copied from each other. After changing the name and icon, there is another fresh dish on mql5. Come on to the crowdfunding team, come to me to crack it, from cradle to grave, one-stop service! Fat and water do not flow to outsiders!

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