Foreign exchange ea download the latest version of Tioga MT4 v8.0 DLL unlock

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TIOGA is a fully automatic Night Scalper. It applies to all major currency pairs.

The main strategy is to use mean regression at the end of the American season. The system only focuses on small and stable profits.

EA does not use grids, martingales, averages, or other dangerous strategies. It uses fixed stops for each position.

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General strategic definition.
Tioga only enters trading for 2 hours between 21:00 and 22:59 GMT. (London time). The system holds only one position on each pair at the same time.

Its entry direction depends on the mean regression strategy. It works clearly on VPS.

Set the transaction variety and time frame: EURUSD M5.
OneChart Usage for all pairs: if true, a chart is sufficient for an exchange to have selected currency pairs.
Minimum account balance: $300.
Accounts and brokers: all brokers and all standard or ECN accounts.
Leverage: all levers are available (preferred: greater than 100).
Please check that the London time you see in the chart is the same as the current London time. If not, change the Broker GMT input parameters when you attach EA to the chart.

Input parameters.
Hand count type: Fixed_Lot / Risk_Percentage.

Fixed Lot: activate when Lot Calculation Type selects Fixed_Lot.

Risk Percentage (Between 1-100) (Per Pair): valid when selecting Risk_Percentage. It shows the percentage of each pair of assets in risk.

Maximum number of hands for all computing types: the maximum number of hands per pair can be this number.

OneChart Usage for all pairs: when true, a single chart is sufficient for an exchange to have a selected currency pair.

OneChart pair: use a comma as the delimiter and write the name of the pair.

Pairs Suffix: if the broker uses the suffix (Suffix is a letter after the currency pair, for example, EURUSDm. ), just write suffix here.

EURUSDm > suffix: M.
EURUSD.m > suffix: .m.
Broker GMT Winter: please check London time when you attach EA to the chart.

Brokers use daylight saving time: you can also change this input if London time is different.

New Trades: if it is false, no new order can be issued.

New Trades-Weekly Market Open: in the case of false, GMT cannot issue a new order from 22:00 to 22:59 on Sunday.

New Trades-Weekly Market Close: if it’s fake, new orders can’t be opened at 21:00-21:59 GMT on Friday.

New Trades-Christmas and New Year: for false, new orders cannot be opened between 00:00 GMT on December 23rd and 23:59 GMT on January 3rd.

New Trades-Triple Swap Day: if false, new orders will not be opened at Triple Swap Day between 21:00 and 21:59 GMT.

Spread Filter (0: not used): if the spread is higher than this value, a new order cannot be opened.

Daily Volatility% Filter (0:disabled 1:default): if the currency pair has reached a volatility of 1% in the past 24 hours, it will not be opened for that currency only.

GAP Filter (0:disabled): if there is a GAP within the last 3 hours, the new location will not be sent. (percentage. Example 1.5 represents 1.5 GAP).

Permissions filter-sell only and Buy only: you can write currency and currency pairs. (e.g. EUR,GBPUSD,CHF,AUDUSD) Please use a comma as the delimiter.

Entry date and time: there are 10 hours per week for creating new positions. (London time).

Exit type: basic or trailing. You can only use one of the selected exit types to trade.

Stop profit reduction: every 5 minutes, the stop profit level decreases.

StopLoss Reducing: for “Exit Basic”, each time a new 5-minute post appears, the stop loss will be reduced.

Close All Positions-Drawdown% (0: disabled): if the withdrawal reaches 5% of your balance, Tioga will close all positions it has opened.

Close All Positions-London Hour (- 1: disabled): if it is 8

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