MetaTrader 4 / expert / Rio MT4 1.21 download with dll forex ea

Today, I heard my friends say that I can release and sell some of my EA here. I just like to go around and buy some popular EA for my own use, and I also spent a lot of money, but the funds for the transaction are not much, and there is some pressure to buy EA. If I can sell some here, I can use this money to buy some EA and sell it to those who need it at a low price.
Thanks to the platform provided by the webmaster. I read some of the rules carefully / mainly do not release the same product and fake products / hope that the first post is not against the rules.

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Rio is a complex and novel algorithm that uses artificial intelligence and traditional technical analysis to predict market trends. The expert consultant uses cyclic neural networks, especially long-term memory cells, to train using data from technical analysis indicators. In this way, EA can learn which indicators are most relevant to future price movements and act on those indicators. In addition, LSTM networks are particularly suitable for time series analysis because they can consider both short-term and long-term historical data.

Note: this is a limited introductory offer. Only 2 of the 5 copies of this EA will be sold at the current price. Next price: $699.

The price of the EA will rise steadily to limit the number of users who use the system to trade.

Real-time signal: “> https://” >

MT5 version: “>

Important: please contact us directly through PM after purchasing products for more information and additional services.

This expert consultant does not use Martingale, grid trading or any other dangerous methods known to cause significant losses.

On the contrary, each position has a fixed stop profit and stop loss setting from the beginning. Although these values can be changed, it is recommended that you keep the default values because they have been optimized over a long period of time. There is at most one open position at a time.

Currency pairs and time frame.
The network is trained to learn about the historical market movements of euro-dollar currency pairs. However, you can test and experiment with other currency pairs at any time. You can use any time frame chart, and the EA always works in the same way.

Input parameters.
Trade settings * dynamic number of hands (per 1000 balances). Dynamically set the number of hands according to the current balance.
(for example, the number of dynamic hands will be 0.5, the account balance will be $1200, and the number of transactions will be 0.6. (0.5 * (1200 thumb 1000)).

Maximum number of hands (absolute). The maximum number of hands per transaction. If the calculated number of traders is higher than this value, the number of traders is automatically set to equal to the maximum number of traders.
Take Profit (pips): sets the stop value in points. It is recommended that you keep the default value.
Stop loss (point). Sets the stop value in points. It is recommended that you keep the default value.
The maximum difference (point). Sets the maximum spread at which the transaction is executed. If the current spread exceeds this value, the transaction will not be executed.
General settings * magic numbers. EA identifier. When running multiple instances of the same EA on a currency pair, this value should change for each instance.

Transaction review. Comments that will be sent with your deal.
Displays the information panel. Shows or hides the information panel on the chart.
Restore settings * recovery model. Activate or deactivate recovery mode.

Restore the number of transactions. The maximum number of restorative transactions to be executed.
Start to recover (point) when you lose money. A loss in points, in which case the first recovery transaction will be sent.
The distance (point) to resume the transaction. Restore the distance (points) between transactions.
Profit target for recovery (point). The profit target of recovery. For example: 0 will lead to an attempt to upset the balance.
Percentage of recovered hands (%). A percentage of the original position size will be used for each transaction. For example. The number of hands in the original position is 5 and the percentage of recovery is 50, which will result in the resumption of trading to 2.5.
Recovery model-through the recovery model, you can try to automatically recover your loss position by opening additional trades to reduce the stop profit value on average. Each restorative transaction will bring the stop value closer to the current price while keeping the stop loss unchanged.

Static mode-to use the fixed number of hands in this EA, set the maximum number of hands to the number of hands you want. This will limit the number of hands calculated to this value.

Backtracking test.
During the development process, the neural network trained and tested 100% historical quality data during the backtest period from January 1, 2010 to December 31, 2022. In addition, the EA was tested forward until February 2023.

You can copy the test results in the screenshot below by using the following test settings.

Symbols. EUR / USD.
Date. Any time you want to test back.
Build a model. It is recommended to use at least 1 minute of OHLC.
Deposit. The recommended minimum deposit is 100.
lever. Any.
If you have any questions or need assistance in setting up an expert consultant, please do not hesitate to contact us through PM. We will always try to reply as soon as possible.

Before buying this product, please make sure that you understand the risks of the transaction and that past performance does not guarantee future results.

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