MT5] Phoenix FTMO (low fallback) V1.21 latest version of DLL unlocked

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Phoenix is an innovative trading robot designed to help traders maximize their performance in financial markets. The name Phoenix is inspired by the legendary resurrected bird, symbolizing the robot’s ability to adapt to the changing market environment. The robot’s name suggests that the robot is designed to help traders achieve the performance goals they need to get money from props companies.

< span class= “hljs-strong” > * * Phoenix** < / span > is equipped with advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to analyze market data and make informed trading decisions. It can identify market movement patterns and trends, and execute transactions quickly and accurately. Its risk management system is designed to minimize losses and protect capital, which is essential for long-term success in the foreign exchange market. The robot is user-friendly and can be easily integrated with the Meta trading platform, making it available to traders at all levels of experience. Its flexible settings and customizable functions make it a multi-functional tool that can adapt to different trading styles and preferences.
No optimization is required; the best option is set to the default value.

For more information, please refer to the video tutorial.

The main features of EA:

There is no * * grid or Martingale.
Standard TP/SL ratio per transaction.
Stop-loss order.
Capital risk management.
A user-friendly expert consultant.
Default optimization settin.
Manage a full-service foreign exchange system with elements in automated exchanges.

How do I get the signal and MT4 version of EA?

Real-time signal: “> check the mql5 signal.

MT4 version link: “>

EA parameters:
Symbol settin.

Symbols = currency in which you want the robot to trade.


Balance risk% = percentage of balance to be used for each transaction.
Minimum lot size = minimum number of traders.
Maximum lot size = maximum number of traders Market Fluctuation = higher numbers will reduce open positions in the maximum spread of the same symbol.
Allow open trades = set the maximum spread for your trades.
Minimum distance between the same pair of transactions (points) = you can set the minimum distance between opening prices.

Robot recognition setting.

Magic number = special value associated with each position accepted by this EA.
Order comment = write a short comment on the order if necessary.

Trailing setting.

Trailing pips, 0:off = Trailing pips indicates that SL will follow the price of tihs distance.
Trailing Start in pips = Trailing starts when the current price is about X points above the opening price.

Martingale main setting.

Open Martingale = this option activates Martingale.
Method for calculating TP for marting* = you can choose how to use these inputs to set up the TP of martingale orders.

Set the average of all TP = establish the closing price in the average of all TP.
Set all TP to initial TP = set each TP to the final order TP level.
Set TP = TP on the opening price of the previous order to the opening price of the last order.
Distance between the opening price of the previous order = set the TP as a percentage from the opening price of the last order and the current price.
Continue Martingale according to signal setting.

Only continue Martingale when the signal comes = this option uses the.
To determine when to start a new transaction RSI Reverse level RSI = in this case, the high and low numbers are the opposite.

Profit calculation setting of Martingale.

Profit type = how much money you will earn after all mar positions are closed. You can choose as a percentage of the balance or in US dollars.
Calculate profit after closing (USD) = if you choose US dollars, use this number to calculate profit.
Profit after closing (%) = if you choose the percentage of balance, this amount is used to determine the profit.

Prop Company options:

Not open trades after max drawdown = if equal-1.0 disable, if you set in example on 20 then reaching 20 drawdown it will not open positions Close open.
Trades after max draw down = set it to true and if the drop reaches the specified downward drawing, it will close the position.
Add TP and SL random pip = Set it on true, EA will add random points to SL and TP to prevent differences between open positions.
Weekend off in hours = if it is equal to-1.0 disabled, for example, if it is set to 19, it will be 19 hours on Friday (0-24 hours)


Recommended currency pairs: EURAUD, NZDCHF, GBPAUD, CHFJPY.
Recommended setting: run an expert on an EURAUD H1 chart.
Recommended number of hands and risk: 1%.
Brokers: all brokers who provide these six recommended foreign exchange pairs.
Minimum capital: $1000.
Minimum leverage: a specific setting of 1:30 or higher.

Past success does not always guarantee future success. The EA does not predict the future; instead, each trading robot is based on extensive manual testing and extensive backtracking testing using historical data.

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