Golden Club MT4 4.2 latest version of dll Forex ea download

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Golden Club is a complete automated trading robot designed and created based on our best strategy in foreign exchange trading.

All transactions are protected by stop loss.

Users can use fixed number of hands or automatic number of hands for fund management.

Why this EA:

Use this EA to control risk.
Smart entries calculated by 12 policies.
EA can even run on a $200 account.
* * include an optional news filter * * (read!tab=comments&page=3&comment=44333117 “> comment # 47 or send me a message in a private message for explanation).
Real time signal (real currency account): Golden Club V 4 Golden Club S 3 setts [] ( “”) [] ( “”) Signals/1892275?source=Site+Profile+Seller “> Golden Club ST3 very High risk” > Gold Club S version 2.

Working code XAUUSD M15.
Set in the!tab=comments&comment=43366988 “> comments section # 16.
Set up:

ChooseEA: there are 3 options (GoldenClub,additionalST1,additionalST2).
Gold_3_Digits: for a 3-digit account.
StopLoss: stop at every point.
TakeProfit: profit at every point.
MaximumSpread: the maximum margin allowed before placing an order.
TradeComment: comments that are displayed for each transaction.
MagicNumber: this is a number that helps EA identify its own order.
AllowExtraTrades: if you use “AllowExtraTrades = false”, EA can only have 1 buy and 1 sell open position.
MinProfitTrailSLForRecovery: minimum profit required for activating recovery tracking stops (per point).
MoneyManagementType: type of fund management. (FixedLot,AutoLot).
FixedOrderSize: fixed order size for fixed-hand fund management.
IncreaseLotSizeEvery: if you choose automatic hand count money management, EA will increase the number of hands based on this number.
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