Atalanta Atalanta-10% withdrawal at a time and 50% signal for half a year

Keywords: one order at a time, with stop profit and stop loss, ECN or standard can run, adapt to any market.
Best recommended currency: CHFJPY,USDCAD,GBPCAD.
The attachment already contains the EA body and the optimization profile, which is consistent with the signal.
What is different from most orders is that its profit-loss ratio is basically around 2, 1, 1, 1,

Atalanta signals how other traders feel about a specific trading condition. This trading robot tries to get an edge over what to buy or sell by using sentiment trading, also known as sentiment analysis. As you see a trading strategy requires more than just a technical indicator’s signal. Atalanta is not relying only on technical indicators but frequently overlooks sentimental analysis. Sentimental analysis is the science of interpreting the thoughts of other traders in order to foresee their next move and follow the money flow.

Main features of the EA:

There is **no ** Grid or Martingale.
Standard TP/SL ratio
Stop-loss orders for each trade
Capital risk management
User-friendly expert advisor
Advanced **Fibonacci ** Strategy
Default Optimized Settings
Simple installation using drag-and-drop.
A full-service forex system that manages all elements of automatic trading.

Live signals:”>Check mql5 signal.


EA Parameters:

Symbols setting

  • symbols = Name of the pairs on which you wish the bot to trade
  • symbol suffix = A string to be appended at the start of a pair name
  • symbol prefix = A string to be added at the end of a pair name


  • balance risk % = The percentage of the balance that will be used for each deal
  • minimum lot size = The minimum trading lot size
  • maximum lot size = The maximum trading lot size
  • trade on Friday = Puts a stop to all trade on Friday

Bot identification settings

  • magic number = A special value associated with each position this EA takes
  • order comment = If desired, write a brief comment to the orders

Martingale main settings

  • Turn on Martingale = This option activates the martingale.
  • Method for calculating TP for martingale* = You may select how to set the TP of martingale orders using these inputs
  1. Set on average of all TPs = Establish the closing level in the average of all TPs *
  2. Set all TP at initial TP = Put every TP at the final order TP level
  3. Set TP on previous order open price = TPs are set to the last order open price
  4. Distance of previous order open price = Set the TP in percentage terms from the last order open price and the current price

Continue Martingale base on signal settings

  • Only continue Martingale when signal comes = This option uses the RSI to determine when to begin new trades
  • Timeframe_rsi_martingale_signal = RSI timeframe setting
  • RSI period = Period of RSI for filtration
  • RSI low value = Low filter value level for RSI
  • RSI high value = High filter value level for RSI
  • Reverse RSI = In this case, the high and low numbers are reversed

Profit calculation setting for Martingale

  • Profit type = How much money you’ll make after all martingales are closed. where you can select whether it’s in percent of the balance or in US dollars
  • Profit (USD) after closing Martingale positions = If you choose USD, the profit is calculated using this number
  • Profit (% of balance) after closing Martingale positions = If you choose % of balance, this amount is used to determine the profit


  • Recommended setting: Run the expert on AUDNZD H1 chart
  • Recommended Lot and Risk: 1%.
  • Brokers: all brokers offering these 6 recommended forex pairs.
  • Minimum capital: 1000 USD
  • Minimum leverage: 1:30 or higher with a specific setting

*Future success is not always assured by past success. This EA does not make predictions about the future; rather, each trading robot is built on the foundation of manual mass testing and extensive back testing using historical data.

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