PZ Day Trading high accuracy admission index (mt4 source code) non-redraw

PZ Day Trading high accuracy admission indicator (source code)-there is an arrow with alarm, but the mail is not redrawn, no drift, no future.

This index only uses price behavior analysis and donchian channel to detect price reversal in zigzag shape. It is specially designed for short-term trading and does not require repainting or repainting at all. For savvy traders, this is an excellent tool designed to increase their operating time.

Very easy to trade.
It provides value in every period of time.
Implement self-analysis and statistics.
It implements email / audio / visual alerts.
Based on variable-length breakthroughs and crowded areas, the index uses only price behavior to select transactions and react quickly to the market.

Show the potential profits of past signals.
This index analyzes its own quality and performance.
The loss of the breakthrough is highlighted and resolved.
This index can not be repainted and cannot be repainted.
This indicator will help intraday traders not to miss a single price reversal. However, not all price reversals are the same, nor are they of the same feasible quality. Deciding which breakthroughs to break and which to ignore depends on the good judgment of traders.

How to interpret statistics.
The index studies the quality of its own signal and draws relevant information on the chart. Each transaction is analyzed and the overall historical results are displayed in the upper-left corner of the chart, which allows you to optimize the metric parameters for any given tool and time range. Each instrument and schedule has its own best settings, and you can find them yourself.

Best deal: MFE is the best result for any given transaction.
Biggest adverse volatility: MAE is the worst outcome for any given transaction.
Average absolute expectation: AAE is the absolute offset of any given transaction that you can get by subtracting MAE from MFE, and it reflects the true quality of the entry strategy. In other words, the entry strategy is measured by the relationship between the average best possible outcome and the average worst possible outcome of all transactions shown.
Loss-making trades: looking at the loss-making trades in the chart will help you avoid future losses.
The metric uses two dotted lines and two price tags to show the best and worst results of each transaction, each of which is included in the statistics in the upper-left corner of the chart. You can use these statistics to optimize metric parameters for any given tool and time range.

Input parameters.
Range: this range is the minimum number of column lines that are considered to be valid and draw the signal. Over time, you need to increase this parameter. For example, to trade a monthly chart, five ranges are good, but to trade an H1 chart, you will need at least 20-25 ranges.
Filter: the function of the filter is to separate other signals from each other using the donchian channel and the multipliers of the price range it creates. A higher filter reduces the semaphores in the chart, but increases the maximum favorable offset on average.
Maximum number of historical columns: the number of past columns to be evaluated when the metric is loaded. Decrease this value to speed up the loading speed of the indicator.
Dashboard: enables or disables the multi-time frame dashboard widget.
Statistics: enables or disables the statistics widget. Use statistics to find the best parameters for each transaction variety and time range. Gradually change the input parameters of the metric until higher accuracy and expectations are found.
Display box: shows or hides the color box near the break price range.
Fill box: choose whether to fill the color inside the break box.
Transaction Analysis: enables or disables individual transaction analysis in the chart.
Alerts: enable breakthroughs for display / email / push / audio alerts.
Immediately cut off a 4-hour line from Europe and the United States today.
Special note: the larger the period signal offside accurate, the dotted line will automatically draw the entrance to the actual highest profit point position.
Unlimited indicators, any computer can be used, MT4 upgrade client will not be affected.
You can display it by hanging any chart, or you can view the historical results through the back test.

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34cefb2e2043993f90fefbdb64b1bd0ef7baa447 - PZ Day Trading high accuracy admission index (mt4 source code) non-redraw

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