Scalping Project forex EA MT4 V1.42 download latest version without DLL

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Scalping project EA follows the scalping breakthrough strategy. It trades breakthroughs at relative highs and lows. Entry stop-loss orders are used to execute as quickly as possible. Profits can be ensured by adjustable tracking stops.

Since the average profit of the strategy is low, it is strongly recommended to trade with low spread and commission brokers. Transaction costs are crucial here!

The backtest shown in the screenshot is done using the default settings. There may be better or worse settings. Please download the free demo for your own test.

This EA does not use any martingale and / or grid features. The tests shown below are still done at 5% risk per transaction, which cannot be considered “low risk”. Please be responsible for your trading funds and use only those funds that you can afford to lose. Enjoy your testing and trading:).


< General Settings >.

Buy Trades: enable EA to pay for it.

Sell transaction: enable EA to place a sale order.

Time range: the candle time range used to identify high and low points.

BarsN: sensitivity of the high and low algorithm (the smaller the value = the more high and low points, the greater the value = the fewer high and low points).

< deal Settings >.

Trading volume: a model for calculating the number of traders per transaction.

Fixed number of hands: if you choose a fixed trading volume mode, the number of hands per transaction.

Balance risk percentage: the number of hands per transaction will be calculated so that your account will lose a set percentage when the initial SL is triggered.

TP point: the distance from the hanging order price to TP.

Stop point: the distance from the order price to the stop loss.

* * TSL trigger point: * * once the profit of the transaction exceeds the TSL trigger point, tracking stop loss will be activated.

TSL point: Trailing Stop will track within this set distance after the current market price.

TSL Step Points: the SL is modified only if the SL is at least this distance higher than the previous SL.

< time setting >.

Time filter: activate or deactivate the time filter that will be checked before placing a new order.

* * start time: * * the time when trading time is allowed to start.

Start Minute: minutes that allow trading time to start.

End time: the time at which trading time is allowed to end.

End Minute: minutes that allow trading time to end.

< withdrawal settings >.

Fallback monitoring: activate or deactivate the fallback monitoring and close all transactions for this EA when the fallback is reached.

Maximum daily withdrawal percentage: if the net value or balance is lower than the percentage of the starting balance of the day, the withdrawal mechanism will be triggered.

< more settings >.

* * order comments: * * comments on each order placed by EA.

Magic number: this number should be unique to each EA in your account, because EA uses it to identify their own transactions.

Chart comments: activate or deactivate comments in the upper left corner of the chart

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