Fx blue v10 download the best foreign exchange mt4/mt5 tracking software

1. Mt4/mt5 can follow each other.
two。. You can set to follow only certain varieties or varieties under a certain magic number.
3. You can set the number of hands and the ratio of documentary accounts.
4. Additional risk control functions are set up.
5. Have mailbox or mobile phone alarm function.
6. You can only follow the order at a certain time of day.
And so on humanized detail function, easy to use without bug!

Use method, to mt4 mutual follow as an example, install 2 mt4, a login signal account, a login tracking account, copy all the files in the attachment to the Experts, one of which is the dll file copied to the Libraries folder, refresh, you can open a chart in the respective mt4, the mt4 on the signal side loads the TradeCopy Sender ea to any chart, and check the allow dll item. The receiver mt4 loads TradeCopy Receiver on any chart, and dll also checks it.
The next step is the detailed parameter settings on both sides:
Note as follows: first, the currency pair symbols of different foreign exchange platforms are somewhat different. if there is any difference, you need to copy and write each other’s symbols in the parameters of the receiver.
As shown in the following figure: forex symbol suffix means currency pair suffix. Enter the suffix name directly, such as pro.
The next parameter is custom symbol mappings, which means a custom currency pair symbol. The format is: GOLD=XAUUSD.
The channel above means the same frequency number. Only by setting the same channel number at the receiving end and the sending end can the order be followed successfully.

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Next, it should be noted that the orderretries in the receiver means that if the server goes wrong, follow the order again. It is recommended to set it to 0. If it is set to 2, the order may be repeated twice. The invert trades below means reverse tracking, which is set to true if necessary, and there are settings for the number of hands and risk below.
The mirror sl and tp changes at the receiving end means whether to modify the stop profit and stop loss synchronously. If it is set to no, the position will not be changed to stop loss and stop profit, but the position will be closed together with the signal when the position is closed.
The broadcast all orders at market in the sender means whether to follow the order at the market price.

If it is set to true, the receiver will close the transaction at the market price. Otherwise, you have to consider the slippery point and so on. There is a parameter that sets the maximum slip point separately. If it is greater than the slip point, it becomes a limit sheet.
The hearbeat period seconds above the parameters of the sender means how many seconds to synchronize the signal. The following include symbols means which varieties can be input directly. For example, if you don’t want to follow the gold signal, all the other signals except gold can be input like this:! XAUUSD.
Other parameters can be studied by themselves, and it is not difficult to understand the translation. I have shared this tracking software a long time ago, it seems to be set at 10 yuan, but there is no tutorial, many people say they can’t use it, now write a tutorial, go up to 30 yuan!
Share the unlimited time version, and do not need other conditions such as environment dll. Hang it up and start working.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex tool:https://www.feixu.xyz/thread/1107

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