mt4 Trend Screener INDICATOR V19.0 download DLL unlock

a216c4549a14271d2d5b6fe36c51caf288ec8063 - mt4 Trend Screener INDICATOR V19.0 download DLL unlock

773c0fa49255177d7a0f49d5b7a9569da8f046cc - mt4 Trend Screener INDICATOR V19.0 download DLL unlock

Breakthrough solutions for trend trading and filtering, with all important features built into one tool!

Important hints: 1. Through the trend chart indicator.
(daily update) the activation signal shows “Click here 2. Our trend system consists of two indicators: 2.1 trend filter indicators, which will show market trends, trend lines, stops for each signal in the chart. Etc. Trend Line Map Indicator, which will display Buy and Sell as dashboards, active signal profit / loss, etc. If you do not have Trend Screener Indicator,Trend Line Map in your MT4 folder, buy and sell signals will not be displayed. [] (

How do I convert your Metatrader to Forex Screener?
4.1 Trend Screener PRO: MT4 version | | MT5 version.
4.2 Trend Line Map PRO: MT4 version | | MT5 version.
4.3support and resistance filter PRO:MT4 version | | MT5 version.

There are three intelligent algorithms for trend filters:

Trend filter, a trend detection dashboard, filters out market noise, and gives a trend summary based on fuzzy logic, with multi-currency and multi-time frame analysis.
The trend line gives an entry signal with an exit level.
Currency Strength Meter (TREND CSM), the currency strength meter, provides you with a quick and intuitive guide to which currencies are strong and which are weak. The instrument measures the strength of all foreign exchange cross pairs and calculates them to determine the overall strength of each currency.
An easily acquired advantage.
Visual and effective trend detection.
It enables you to filter and further improve your trading strategy.
Enhanced statistical calculations.
Never redraw, never redraw, never recalculate after the close.
Displays trends based on currency and time frames.
A visually effective monetary strength meter.
Monitor all symbolic trends through a chart.
How to use Trend Screener metrics.
+ method 1: using trend lines as trend line signals (buy and sell signals).
Recommended time frame:
Intraday trading: M30, H1, H4.
Band trading: D1, W1, MN1.

Link to trendline scanner (buy-sell signal):

1. Trend Line Map Pro, please visit the website and click here.

two。. Trend chart is free, please visit “Click here”

+ method 2: by using Trend Screener Dashboard to monitor all trend pairs, you can ensure that you always trade with the trend and that your order will never run counter to the trend. (combine trend filter with your policy).

Method 3: use a currency strength meter to identify strong and weak currencies, which ensures that you will never buy weak currencies and only trade them. (combine trend filter with your policy).
Important considerations:
How to display the buy and sell signal dashboard? Please visit the website and click here.

Active signal (buy and sell) real-time results, please visit “Click here”

For the installation guide, please visit here.
How do I use Trend Screener for trading? Please visit the website and click here.

How to achieve a trading signal with a success rate of more than 80%? Please visit “Click here.

Trend Screener input parameters, please visit “Click here”
How to use our currency strength meter to predict foreign exchange market integration? , please visit click here.
How do I use trend filters with EA? Please visit the website and click here

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