[Gainer forex ea MT5 3.1] download unlocked version of EA MT5 3.1 dll.

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The average regression range of major currency pairs and cross currency pairs EA.

Real-time signal: https://www.mql5.com/en/users/thechartist/seller.

Currency pairs: EUR-GBP, EURUSD, USDJPY, GBP-USD, AUDUSD, AUDJPY, EURJPY, USDJPY. EA performance tuning is already under way, and these currency pairs may be optimized in the future.

Time frame: EA should be set to trade 15 because the transaction signal is only checked on M15. Some transactions may be skipped if the time range of the chart is higher than that of M15.

Proxy time zone settings. “Winter UTC offset, hours”-Winter offset. Winter / Summer change schedule-schedule for server DST shifts. By default, it is UTC+2/+3 Winter / Summer and is valid for most brokers.

You only need to set it once, and you don’t have to re-check it twice a year. EA will handle everything correctly. Backtests from different brokers will match in winter and summer.

Risk setting. The trading volume is set by entering “money management” and “value for money management”, which is a fixed number of hands, a fixed risk per transaction or a fixed trading volume per 1000 shares of equity. The maximum simultaneous transaction allows d to be the largest transaction allowed to open at the same time. EA holds up to 2-3 transactions most of the time, and this parameter allows you to explicitly limit risk.

Start EA on the M15 of any recommended currency pair and set the time zone and trading volume input. The rest can be left as the default value. EA is ready to trade.

Communication control. If enable spread Control is on EA, EA will not trade if the current spread exceeds the maximum allowable spread value. The spread can be set to a point or percentage of the current price (“spread unit” input). The default settings can be used for recommended currency pairs. EA will not skip trading in normal markets, while avoiding trading in untested market conditions, with a wide margin.

Stop loss and target. “stop value”, “stop value”-initial stop and stop profit. Stop loss and stop profit can be set to a point or percentage of the current price (“stop loss and stop profit Unit” input). Although EA is optimized for default values, it is likely to find different tradable settings.

Break even. If “enable break-even” is turned on, then once the “profit triggers”, the point profit reaches the stop loss will be dragged to the trading opening price level + “profit preservation, point”. It is a callback EA, and the break-even is off by default.

The trail. If enable tracking is on, check the distance between the current price and the stop loss within the profit trigger, points range. If the distance is higher than the tracking distance, the point stop will be dragged to a new level. The track step, Point input sets the minimum difference between the current and new expected stops. By default, tracking is turned off like break-even.

Time option. By default, EA transactions 24 Universe 7. Users can further define which days of the week and which hours of the day are tradable (“untradable time, space-separated list”, “Sunday trading”, “Friday trading”). Friday closing time allows you to set the time at which all trades are closed before the weekend.

Backtest: EA trades at the close of the candle and can be tested using the “opening price only” model, which is much faster than “each offer” and the results are basically the same.

Past testers and live performances cannot guarantee future results. Risk settings should not be based on backtesting. Lower risk means higher possible returns. By default, EA may open multiple transactions, so a fixed risk of less than 0.3-3 per cent of each transaction is quite good for real-time transactions.

EA address: buy the “winner” trading robot (EA deal) of MetaTrader 5 in MetaTrader Market (mql5.com).

Signal address: transactions that replicate the real-time trading signals of the beneficiary USDCAD of MetaTrader 5-30 USD monthly-Ervand Oganesyan (Owende O’Janet) (mql5.com).

Please take a closer look at the content of the official website, and then decide whether it is suitable for your own use after testing. The author has a good analog signal, and the real offer signal is only recently.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:https://www.feixu.xyz/thread/1103

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