How do foreign friends register or pay for this website


You can buy or sell foreign exchange resources here.

If you download resources that cannot be used, you will be refunded.

If you have trouble to registering.Maybe you need a virtual mobile phone number to register for this site. and Binding Wechat account is not necessary. Contact us e-mail . this is also our paypal account . If you want to download the resources of this forum in US dollars, you can @admin and recharge with paypel ! thank you! Some resources need to change the vps environment. You should read the article carefully or it will not work in your vps.(There are modification tools or related environment DLLs in the forum, so changing the VPS environment is very simple.)
If you recharge RMB in our online store through paypal, there is a 20% currency handling fee. If you withdraw cash from our online store to paypal, there is no additional foreign currency exchange fee except for deducting 20% of the sales dividend between you and the online store.

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