Breakthrough Strategy v1.9 download mt4 version of ea with dll version

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Firm offer signal link:

EA description link:!tab=updates.

The environment dll has been updated and has been tested and available! Note that the ea has two sets of parameters, the last hour on Friday and the same cross-week parameters on Friday, which should be loaded on the chart separately, each on a 1-minute chart.

EA is a nocturnal scalp and supports multi-currency, one single knot. Version 1.9, including settings files. And dll files. The document is divided into only doing Friday, and Friday to Monday. People’s prejudice against this ea is mainly because it only does the billing on Friday and closes the position on Monday, so people always subjectively think that it is risky. In fact, in the quantitative back test, its performance far exceeds the average scalp ea, and in the firm offer signal that lasts for more than 5 years, it has proved its stability. Just imagine, on the mql5 website market. How many ea can produce firm offer records of more than 5 years? So if you can take the weekend risk of this strategy in a light position, the author says that he does both settings, and then adds a news filter to the URL in mt4. For details, please refer to the author’s official blog and answers to customers.

* * the system was developed to work with a large number of packages, and it performed well after a while, when it closed on Friday. Therefore, this direction of transaction has become the main direction of cooperation with this expert consultant. For different currency pairs, there are 25 sets of actual settings, as well as configuration files for quick setup. * you can use my signal to analyze Expert Advisor statistics for different currency pairs. * evaluate the statistics of real-time signals, because due to the particularity of the trading time of this strategy, the policy tester will not give you a real transaction. * * Expert Advisor adapts well to the spread of hops and uses them to its own advantage, because Expert Advisor has made corrections based on the statistics and analysis of real-time accounts for more than 2 years, rather than back testing.

Monitor (all sets with baffles).
The version of MT5.

Expert settings.

Download the latest settings file from the blog resume 1.
The work of an expert is the same in any time range because it automatically obtains the necessary data from multiple time ranges. * (it is recommended to conduct a back test within the M1 time range.). .
* * to enable news filtering, enable allow WebRequest in the terminal settings and add news sites to the URL list. * Click tools > options > Expert Advisors. Select the option “Allow WebRequest for Listed URL:”. * * add this (remove spaces):
Use the information in blog posts 2 to check the correctness of EA time auto-tuning.
The adjustment of transaction batch calculation is described in blog posts 3.
After the setup is complete, you can send me a screenshot of your terminal for inspection, or you can check it through remote Desktop (TeamViewer).
A complete list of EA parameters can be found in blog posts 4.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:

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