The Power of Unity MT4 v6.0 latest version of DLL is unlocked

f4d3ccb1370ca14c875cbab61a692ea6e8bc9962 - The Power of Unity MT4 v6.0 latest version of DLL is unlocked

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Official website firm offer signal address:

The system works at night and uses the price behavior pattern for a given trading period.
In order to protect deposits, the system has a floating stop profit, which can be positive or negative, which allows you to reduce losses.

Due to the differences between MT4 and MT5 platforms, there will be differences in input and output between versions, but you can be familiar with the monitoring of different versions of EA.

EA works on time frame M5.

In the photo in the description, you can see how to register currency pairs to trade from a chart.

Testing MT4 EA transactions in the policy tester can only take place on one currency pair. He can use all currency pairs to process accounts from one chart.

This is the restriction of MT4, not my consultant.

The tests in the strategy tester will vary from broker to broker, which applies to any EA transaction, so if any, test the consultant with multiple brokers.


(so even if your broker has a suffix, please write down in the field below that there is no suffix and the suffix itself.).

The most important thing is that the type of transaction is available in the market overview. Otherwise, not all currency pairs are opened in the market overview by default.

Please follow my other products: https: / / [] ( “”).


On the line on the right, write down the currency pairs without suffixes = the currency pairs that Expert Advisor will use (transactions from a chart), and copy them like this:


* * GMT * * Winter Policy Tester.

Automatically determine the time, written in Webrequest: http: / / * [] ( “”).

(if you don’t know what to do, write to me.).

Suffix (enter if the currency pair ends). M or _ m (the new content section that appears immediately after the comment is described in detail).

If MM is turned off, the number of Lot Size= fixed hands.

MM= enables automatic drawing of lots.

The amount of opening 0.01lots = 1000 (with this setting, EA will open 0.01lots for every 1000 lots, if you have 5000 lots, it will open 0.05lots).
The market opens on Monday without trading = if it is true, no trading.. The transaction will be held on Monday night.

Wednesday..Trade on Wednesday (triple swap day) = if true, trade on Wednesday.

The Magic number of magic= consultant.

Comment= ‘s comments on the consultant deal.

* * Link to the description of the news filter settings in this article:



Use a translator to translate it into your language.

You can also watch videos about how consultants work at the bottom of the page.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:

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