Blazing Night Scalper MT5 download with environment dll v2.7 version

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Author’s explanation:

Real signal:

Focus on the win-lose cycle to gain insight into how EA runs through the win-lose cycle, while IT pushes the victory cycle higher than the failure cycle.

* * warning: setting the batch too high may lead to a big drop. * * We recommend that you pay $0.050 for every $1000 balance.

From 2009 to 2021, the strategy conducted a stable backtest in MT5 using each tick based on real tick, using DukasCopy Real Ticks100% tick quality.
* * Field testing is compared to a weekly return test. * * if the subsequent test is similar to the live transaction in the next few weeks, the Live Beta test will be completed.

“Fire Night” can only run within the time frame of M5.

Recommended brokers: ICMarkets, Vantage, Pepperstone, TickMill, Fusion Markets.

There is no need to use any settings files-it is important to load EA on an M5 chart and then simply set “use multiple symbols to true” to change the SL Ded Rate Pips from 0 to 1.

This Expert Advisor trades only at night, focusing on the following currency pairs:
Australian dollar, euro against US dollar, pound sterling, Swiss franc, US dollar.
You can also change the symbol and it can trade up to 20 currency pairs if you like.
Australian dollar, euro.
The euro is against the yen, the euro against the dollar, the pound against the dollar, the New Zealand dollar against the dollar, the dollar against the Canadian dollar, the Swiss franc and the dollar against the yen.
* * this EA is a scalp system that works best in low diffusion situations. It looks for the lowest spread at night and finds an entry point based on recent highs and recent lows. * * it does not use metrics, but uses its own logic to calculate the entry of transactions.

* * it uses profit-taking and stop-loss instead of Ang Markale or grid systems. * * it does have a stop loss reduction system that allows you to exit trading early, minimize losses and prevent long-term floating losses.

* * I provide enthusiastic support and will help anyone in need at any time! * Advisor is tested back and only the highest quality beat data is used. * * then use backward testing to analyze real-time transactions to see how they are related.

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