SouthEast download v2.4 mt4 latest version unlimited DLL + full set of settings files

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South East EA uses virtual transactions to determine admission, does not use metrics and does not require complex settings, because users only need to upload settings files that are already available. There are currently 20 settings files for fx pairs.

Signal: here | Setfile & EA description: here | MT5 version: here [] ( “”) [] (″″)[]( Product/70720 “”).

Recommended account:

Leverage: 500.

VPS with a good Internet connection.
Expert opinion:

1. Manage open positions.

Transaction purchase: allow purchase.
Trade sell: allow to sell.
Trade on New Bar: if true, the transaction will start on the new post.
Continue the new cycle: if false, EA will only manage the remaining open positions until all positions are closed.
Stop the new cycle during the Christmas holiday and New year: if enabled, ea will stop starting a new trading cycle from December 23 to January 5.
Intelligent multi-symbol control: enable / disable maximum allowable fx risk pair.
+ maximum allowable risk foreign exchange logarithm: if intelligent multi-symbol control = true, fill in the maximum allowable risk foreign exchange pair.

Manage Pending Orders.
Working TimeFrame: the time frame of virtual transaction.
-Open the next virtual grid in the trend direction: EA will open the virtual grid when there is a signal.
Start placing real pending orders: specify the number of virtual orders to start placing real pending orders.
The distance between the real pending order and the current price (in points).
Move the step of the real pending order (in points).
3. Manage lots and money.

Parcel types: selecting parcel typ.
AutoLot (for example, 5000 $= 0.01): number of administrative hands.
If AutoLot = true, fill in Money to manage, $: fill in money to manage (Ex. Balance 5000, fill in 1000, Autolot = 5000Universe 5 x 1000).
If Autolot = false, fill in Start Lot: enter the initial number of hands.
Multiplier of Martingale 4: number of multipliers.
Maximum number of hands: maximum number of hands per transaction.
Maxtrade: allow maximum transaction.
4. Manage Grid.

Step (in pips): the distance to open the next position.
Expanding Step Coefficient: step multiple factor.
Change step: allow change step.
Coefficient Lot to start changing step: sector factor.
Change the step to (in points).
Expanding Step Coefficient: step size multiplier factor for changing step size.
Open Next Change Step Grid on Trend Direction: if there is a signal, EA will open a new location.
Manage virtual SLTP.
Use virtual stops and stops: enable / disable virtual stops and stops.
Virtual Stop Loss (in pips): number of stops.
Virtual profit (in points): profit in points.
6. Manage trailing.
+ trailing type: select trailing type.
+ trailing start (in dots): trailing start.
+ trailing size (in points): trailing points.

7. Management reduction.

Use Auto Close Partial, in money: Close Partial in money.
Select Close Partial Method:
Close partial buy & sell: partial close by bringing 1 buy loss & 1 sell loss + Close partial buy / sell 1: partial closing only leads to a buy loss or a sell loss. + Close partial buy / sell 2: partially liquidate positions by causing 2 buy losses or 2 sell losses. + Close partial all: combination of Close partial buy & sell and Close partial buy / sell. + number of trades that are partially closed by activation: the minimum number of open positions that start to apply partially closed positions. + Minimum profit to close partial $: the minimum profit for partially liquidating positions in currency. + use automatic closing part, expressed as percentage: partial off as percentage

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