PipFinite Trend PRO V5.1 mt4 latest version of DLL unlocked (no redrawing)

dd76adb192ff66754c3c8bb98a2b27129a690c2a - PipFinite Trend PRO V5.1 mt4 latest version of DLL unlocked (no redrawing)

c1a6dd1fef75d9e9304df4c11404dab96ed138e5 - PipFinite Trend PRO V5.1 mt4 latest version of DLL unlocked (no redrawing)

Breakthrough solutions for trend trading and filtering, with all important features built into one tool!

Trend PRO’s intelligent algorithm detects trends, filters out market noise and gives an entry signal with exit level.

The new function with enhanced statistical calculation rules improves the overall performance of the index.

Disclose important information.
To maximize the potential of Trend Pro, visit Trend Pro https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713938″>www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/713938.

A powerful version of Expert Advisor.
[] (https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/743638 “https://www.mql5.com/en/blogs/post/743638”).

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You can now automate the Trend PRO signal using * * “EA Trend PRO” * * Click here.

Testing the demo and exploring its amazing features will be a useful tool to add to your trading arsenal.

The advantages you gain.
Access reliable trend indicators based on a large number of users and comments.
Simple, intuitive and effective trend detection.
Enables you to filter and further improve your trading strategy.
Enhanced statistical calculation after entry point, profit and exit signals.
Never redraw, never redraw, never recalculate.
Send a signal strictly on the “column line closing”.
Applicable to any time frame and financial instruments, including foreign exchange, cryptocurrency, metals, stocks, indices.
Integrate pop-up windows, email, push notifications, and audible alerts.
Fully compatible with the development of intelligent trading system (EA) indicator buffer.
How to trade.
There are no complex rules, just follow three simple steps!

Step 1: deal Settings.

If the statistical success rate is higher than 65% (statistical success rate > 65%), please enter the signal.
Step 2: set a stop * exit the buy signal on the new sell signal.

Exit the sell signal on the new buy signal.
Step 3: set stop profit * option 1: make a profit on TP1.

Option 2: make a partial profit on TP1 and close the remaining positions on TP2.
Option 3: profit from the opposite signal or follow the trend until the trend is reversed.
Enhanced statistical calculation.
Winning condition.

TP1 Hit-when the signal reaches at least TP1.
EXIT Win-when a trade is closed due to the opposite signal and generates a positive profit.
Loss condition.

Exit loss-when the trade is closed due to the opposite signal and results in a negative profit.
Success rate.

The percentage of signals that meet the winning criteria.
Use it as a reference to find better trend pairs and time frames.
Period-the number of columns used to calculate trends.
Period-2 to 5 * (entry indicator) * used to enter the transaction.
Period-used to filter 6 to 15 * (Filter Indicator) * when trading.
Target Factor-the multiplier used to calculate the profit level.
Increasing this value will lead to more stops, but will reduce the success rate.
Lowering this value will reduce profits, but increase the success rate.
Maximum number of historical columns-the maximum number of columns used for calculation.
Display parameters-controls the visibility of objects drawn on the chart.
Graphic parameters-controls the appearance and color of objects drawn on the chart.
Dashboard parameters-controls the visibility and color of statistics on the chart.
Alert parameters-controls which alert options are enabled.

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