[shepherd numerology level MT4] forex index download v1.1 DLL unlock

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This is the numerical level calculated by the algorithm we invented, and it depends on many mathematical operations.

This level is 15 levels and will change its position at the beginning of each new candle in the time range determined in the setting.

They will act as super supports and resistance levels to reverse prices, and you can use them to approve your entry point or to make scalping orders with your strategy.

Or you can make your own strategy based on them.

This product is increasingly being tried in demo versions because there is no refund.
Please add your comments on the product after purchase.
You can use the manual buttons in the upper-right corner to apply the algorithm to high and low points.
Use_System_Visuals-enables / disables indicator styles.
Panel_Shift-move the panel down.
Time_Frame-calculate the time range.
Show_Monthly_Levels *-enables / disables metrics topics.
Monthly_Levels_Color *-monthly level of color.
* * Monthly_Levels_Width * *-the width of the monthly level.
* * Show_Weekly_Levels * *-enables / disables the weekly level.
* * Weekly_Levels_Color *-the color of the weekly level.
* * Weekly_Levels_Width * *-the width of the weekly level.
* * Show_Daily_Levels * *-enables / disables the daily level.
* * Daily_Levels_Color *-the color of the daily level.
* * Daily_Levels_Width * *-the width of the daily level.
* * Show_H4_Levels * *-enables / disables H4 level.
* * H4_Levels_Color * *-the color at the H4 level.
* * H4_Levels_Width * *-width of the H4 level.
* * Show_H1_Levels * *-enables / disables the H1 level.
* * H1_Levels_Color * *-colors at the H1 level.
* * H1_Levels_Width * *-the width of level H1.
* * Show_M30_Levels * *-enable / disable the M30 level.
* * M30_Levels_Color * *-the color of the M30 level.
* * M30_Levels_Width * *-the width of the M30 level.
* * Show_M15_Levels * *-enable / disable the M15 level.
* * M15_Levels_Color * *-colors at the M15 level.
* * M15_Levels_Width * *-width of the M15 level.
* * Show_M5_Levels * *-enable / disable the M5 level.
* * M5_Levels_Color * *-the color at the M5 level.
* * M5_Levels_Width * *-the width of the M5 level.

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