Golden Pickaxe ea ,91% winning rate the Holy Grail of High Frequency Grid

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This evaluation program comes from: Valeriia Mishchenko, which is one of the few valuable grid + scalping business EA authors with a stable system in the past two years. Wakawaka, Night Hunter Pro, Evening Scalper Pro and other masterpieces launched at the end of last year have been well received.
Received a message from my fans and friends, I brought another new work: Golden Pickaxe at 23:13 last night, so I started a repeated test last night, because its price will rise very fast:

According to the publicity of the materials:

Golden Pickaxe is a grid trading system capable of mean regression in the volatile gold market. It uses machine learning technology to conduct high-profit potential transactions in the gold market. It uses the real market inefficiency to gain market advantage.

Using ATR (20 / 30), Tang Angel Channel and other price behavior indicators to calculate the entry and exit, showing the overall high-frequency and low-profit “quick decision” fighting concept:
In the MT5 test 2005-2022 full 18 years of data has a good performance, especially the 18 years of compound interest process graphics show its perfect combat national aggression, it is hard not to think about it.

It is true that she created the myth and had very good performance in previous programs, but there is one thing we have to pay attention to:

There are great hidden risks in all grid systems, especially in gold, which is a small beast with high volatility and high uncertainty.

When I got it for the first moment, I was vigilant, but I had to look forward to it. If the grid beats the Golden foot Warrior, what other species can’t be mastered?
The result is obvious, perhaps I worry too much, in order to better and more truly test its performance, the floating point difference increased from 10-20 to 20-40 floating, this floating point difference can show good stability, which shows the depth of its programming and trading skills.
Through the icon analysis, we come to the conclusion that all aspects of its annual withdrawal ratio are in line with the characteristics of the long-term stable trading system, and it is relatively excellent, and the expressive force is not grandiose, so it is a more reliable trading system.
What is more surprising is that its annual success rate is as high as more than 90%. How surprising it is that it once again produces the psychology of worship. It is worthy of being a Russian female general.

For beginners, it may not stop under the temptation of low prices and rising prices, because it is not impossible for it to rise to 900 in 24 hours or even hit 1500-3000 in the future.

But as the old leek of the EA class.

With the idea of not believing in evil, the author carried out a reverse test of migration to 1982-1994:

The results are as follows:
It’s flawless.

It is not much different from the test results in 2010-2022.

It can be seen that more than 90% of its winning rate is successful in gold trading.

The programmer also showed the effects of nearly 3 months of different settings files on the website, and the amazing rate of return is a miracle!

High frequency + high winning rate, who doesn’t like it?

But is that really the case?

Not really.

This programmer has done different degrees of targeted historical data fraud on waka, Evening Scalper Pro and other programs, and although his current new work has also passed the reverse test, the team with such a deep knowledge does not rule out that it uses the hard code to forcibly filter news time in the reverse test to avoid the bad time period in the past, so as to create a good performance.

It is important to know that the grid has a very friendly time period between immediate enjoyment and delay risk, in which they can often make a lot of money.

* * and after so many years of practice, I have never seen a long-term trading system with a winning rate of more than 90% and no big risk, with such a smooth curve.

The suspicion of fraud is very great.

So the current price is not suitable to choose to buy and participate.

Don’t be affected by short-term profits.

Do not use large funds to participate, there is no difference between radical and robust gold grid, so if you use it later, you can use 300, not 500, and 50, not 100.

* * when the tide recedes, we know who is swimming naked * *.
Decompilation removes filtering conditions from the code, and in some years its performance is “amazing”.

It is more suspected that the old code will be used to seal the “new clothes”.

The account with small capital, high risk and short cycle proves that it has a large unstable factor.
The better thing is that it can be used with small funds with low risk, but it does not conform to the “investor” as a whole.

Martin speculators can consider.

Recommended index 2 stars, risk index 5 stars, cautious large-scale use of funds.

I am the quantitative EA compass-a creator who dares to expose the ugly side of the quantitative trading market. I will spare no effort to avoid the pit and mine for all quantitative people in China. I am willing to grow with you and work together. Even if all evil capital runs rampant in the city, we will not forget the original ideal and ambition

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