Niversal Indicator EA for Your Indicator v12.3 latest version of DLL unlocked

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This is the EA for your custom metrics, which you can use to automate your policies.

You can create EA for your metrics without coding. Use common metrics EA to automate your policy.

Note:-if you don’t already have a trading strategy, you can build it yourself using Universal Indicator EA.

Important:-EA can read signals from metrics buffers and objects on the chart. Use your metrics for demonstration testing before purchase.

The design philosophy of the EA is to use an expert consultant for all indicators.
So it can be used with any indicator that provides buy and sell signals.

This can be used indefinitely in both real and simulated accounts.

* * the performance of EA Trade is based entirely on the metric signals and policies that you configure in EA. **.

Lifelong activation.

Unlimited real and simulated accounts.

Five computers.

You can use it at any time.

You can install / use it in any number of accounts, brokers, and terminals on the same computer as needed, without the need for other activation.

If you install it on a different computer, another activation will be used.

Versions 11.0 and above support different modes of trading.

1) use default CyberZingFxZigZag metrics.

2) use your custom metrics.

3) Manual purchase and purchase order.

3) Real-time trading of indicator signals * * order * *.

4) limit price / stop loss order.

5) manually buy / sell martingales.

5) automatic trading martingale.

6) automatic trading hedging.

Easy-to-use settings.

Give EA the name of the metric used in the settings and start the transaction.

Metrics should be located in the MT4 Indicators folder (open the data folder and check the path MQL4\ Indicators).

If the metric is in the Market folder, please name it * * “Market/YourIndicatorName” * * in the settings.
EA will use the default settings for a given metric. To change metrics input settings, provide metrics input parameters (comma separated) in the EA settings in the same order.

The given default metric name is the EA setting is the CyberZingFx ZigZag metric, which has the buy buffer 0 and sell buffer 1 and Shift 1.

Indicator type-some indicators give signals in one column (arrow indicators), while others give signals in all columns (trend indicators).

Arrow type signal-an indicator of an arrow signal or signal given on a particular column. (example-CyberZingFx word broken line arrow indicator).

Trend type signal-an indicator of the signal displayed in each column. (example-SuperTrend metrics).

* Don’t panic when you see the EA settings. I’m here to guide you and help you set up EA. *.
* important:-Please send me a message after watching the video tutorial.
Verify the comparison between the transactions made by EA and the indicator signals. If an error is found, find the correct buffer for the signal from the metric and change it under the buffer setting.

First use it in the demo for at least a week.

Watch the following video tutorial.

A free tool to easily find indicator buffers.

Download from the link below.


Add the generic Custom Metrics EA group to the link below for user help, templates, and settings files.


Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:

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