Download forex ea for Advanced Swiss Scalper MT4 dl version

[official website trend scalp Advanced Swiss Scalper] Advanced Swiss Scalper MT4.

-Real signal:″>

* * the most important requirement is an ECN/ low spread broker with a low spread account. This is necessary because EA uses a scalping strategy, which is critical for low spreads.

To set up EA, you can attach EA to the EURUSD M15 chart, just change the number of hands according to your deposit.

Recommended deposit: $200 gamble 3 pairs.

Recommended pairing: default setting of 3 pairs.

Time range: M15.

It’s important! Contact me immediately after purchase for instructions and manual guides for setting up EA.

* * some features:

* * No Martingale-No multiplier.
* *-scalping with homeopathy.

News filter stops EA before high-impact news.
Stop the scalping mode of EA in some cases.

Note: the news filter cannot be backtested. This will result in inaccurate backtracking test results, as the news filter will help EA delete bad transactions to limit withdrawals.

How to install.

Please allow the following URL Web request to the news filter (remove spaces! ):
From 2008 to 2022, the strategy used 100% quality of real quotes from Dugusby, and stability was tested back with each quote based on MT4 true quotes. Real-time transactions of many different brokers are going well.
Advanced Swiss Scalper is an EA that uses only CHF currency pairs for transactions. Fully automated consultant with a system to recover from losses.
[use hint: load bomb hint, confirm several times more]

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