Forex OrderBlock EA’s boutique tools for supply and demand trading without DLL

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A chart analyzed by Forex OrderBlock EA.

* * Forex OrderBlock EA * * is the most comprehensive tool I have seen to analyze the structure of the supply and demand trading market. Although it is an EA, its main function is to analyze the market. Although it has the function of assisting to place an order, it is not the key of this tool.
The picture above shows the style of single transaction variety analysis. Although it looks a bit messy, the details covered are quite perfect. Friends will adjust and use them according to the supply and demand trading strategies they have learned.

The contents of the single variety analysis are as follows:

D or P and% are the price levels that enter the LEG (RANGE).

P = premium zone.

D = discount zone.

SD = supply and demand module.

LQ = liquidity module.

FVG = imbalance module.

The area of SD,BOS,CHoCh,mitigated and unmitigated.
This EA also has a more useful function is market review, directly on the icon through the button below to locate the index analysis to the specified K line, and then according to their own analysis to verify personal learning, but also familiar with the use of EA.
Friendly tip: this backtest function takes up a lot of memory, and occasionally the card owner is very normal. It is recommended to turn off other software during the real backtest.

In the situation where the follow-up market has not been analyzed, EA has given an area. I will extend this area manually for you to see if this repressive effect covers some of the meaning of the prophet.
The risk adjusts the order quantity according to the risk percentage.

SET ON CHART sets the order location on the chart.

Suspend mode hanging order mode click this button again to become the market price order mode.

The function of placing an order is concentrated in the area above. After each friend clicks the button into the style above, three horizontal lines will appear on the chart. Change the properties of the order by adjusting these three horizontal lines. For example, the order is currently hanging on Buystop. If the middle line is adjusted below the current price, the nature of the order will become a Buylimit order. If the green stop line and the red stop line are swapped, the Buy hanging order will become the Sell hanging order, and then the order can be placed through the PLACE TRADE button.

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