Gold Veritas MT4 v1.1 latest version of Build 1356 DLL unlocked

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1bf78bf1e7fc764edd0383a2b8bef9f305673294 - Gold Veritas MT4 v1.1 latest version of Build 1356 DLL unlocked
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Gold Veritas is a new thing. I can say for sure that this is something that other developers don’t have yet. This is a nocturnal scalp trade, using gold pairs in different formats.

Parameters for four gold tools have been built into the EA code: XAUUSD, XAUJPY, XAUAUD, and XAUEUR. Please note that not all brokers offer such trading pairs.

EA transactions have been developed and adjusted for a long time under real conditions rather than on the policy tester. EA uses the author’s price behavior template and position tracking algorithms that you are already familiar with-which makes EA more accurate and flexible.

Use hanging orders-this greatly reduces the slip point.
EA does not use average orders, Martingale and other dangerous trading methods.
All transactions will be closed within 3-5 hours.
Each transaction is accompanied by a stop-loss and stop-profit, as well as a limit on the duration of the transaction.
Built-in volatility filter optimized for each currency pair.
EA does not use news filters.
Intelligent trading system has good risk setting. You can limit the number of transactions.
All transactions comply with the first-in, first-out rule.
EA has tested slip points and actual differences throughout the available history from 2003 to the present.

I strongly recommend using Gold Veritas on ECN or RAW accounts and on low ping VPS.

Minimum deposit: it takes $100 to trade 0.01 lots to all 4 pairs on the trading list.

Settings: magic-you can set any number for all pairs, mainly because this number does not coincide with the magic numbers of other experts.

Comments-you can specify any comments that make it easy for you to identify historical transactions.

GMT-you must specify the broker’s winter time.

DST-you must specify the DST of the agent.

If you don’t know how to set the GMT time correctly-write to me and I will help you set it up.

Hand count Type-if fixed, EA will use a fixed number of hands. If you choose automatic, EA will calculate the number of hands based on your balance.

Number of hands-if the number of hands is fixed, specify a fixed number. If you select automatic hand count, specify the number of hands to calculate automatically.

Increase the balance / number of hands-if the number of hands is automatic, specify the steps to increase the number of hands.

Sunday trading-enable / disable trading from Sunday to Monday night.

Trading direction-only allow trading to buy / sell / any
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