Fundamental Trader v2.5 latest version Build 1353-1359 DLL unlocked

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Ziwox Fundamental Trader is a trading assistant that helps financial market traders make informed decisions based on EA information data.

The EA uses online resources to obtain the necessary information, such as fundamental currency biases, sentiment ratios of a pair of real-time retail traders, bank and institutional forecasts, COT report data, and other data in complex EA panels.
In short, it is an integrated foreign exchange data source and information that can help manual traders make better decisions.

In addition, this is a complete basic robot transaction that uses these data to automatically trade pairs based on basic currency deviations and technical data.

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Components and tools:
Https://″> We recommend that you read this link before continuing:

All the necessary information for your transaction is collected here into a set of forex data flow components integrated into the data panel.

Each component acts individually as an auxiliary indicator of trading or an explanatory market report to help traders make decisions.

These components provide a prospect, but the synergy of all components forms an integrated decision assistance system output that helps traders improve trading results by buying, selling, or waiting for decisions. Institutions, hedge funds and banks hold large amounts of market liquidity that can drive markets and build trends. They are the most common holders of market liquidity and know the positions and liquidity maps of retail traders.

Using all these components and keeping the direction of smart currency traders is the key to success, and this EA will help you trade according to the direction of the market. Traders can decide to take advantage of the opportunities available to each EA module, such as technology trends, fundamental biases, next calendar events, retail trader sentiment, and the behavior of large speculator traders, such as the COT report.

Component output:
All monetary fundamental deviations are based on economic indices, CPI, PPI, GDP and central bank interest rates.
Forecasts of 10 major currency pairs from expert trader pols (banks, research institutes, funds).
Real-time world trader sentiment (retail trader mood) (how many traders are in a pair of bulls or bears).
COT report (CFTC trader commitment).
Data on global national bond yields.
Economic calendars and news events.
Market sentiment (Risk Sentiment), a Risk-On or Risk-Off that helps to find the mood of daily traders.
Session time panel with market volatility indicators.
Your profit and loss monitoring panel (transaction summary).
Trend indicator.
For manual traders:
For manual traders, hedge fund investors, and institutional or bank traders.

Use your technology strategy and our basic traders and data to trade to make your trading decisions more accurate.

You can use EA as a manual trading assistant and use basic information, COT data, market sentiment, retail trader ratios and your own technology strategy, or you can use our automated trading strategy.

Automobile trade strategy:
Https://″> in automatic mode, EA trading takes fundamental bias as the main market trend, while technical data (MA trend, our Flow Trend ind and random indicators) are used to conduct scalp trading on short-term trends.

Other features:
Full-featured manual trading tool.
It is recommended to trade or stop trading on special currency pairs.
Fund management, automatic positioning of the number of hands.
News filter, stop participating in high-impact events.
Tracking, automatic balance of payments.
Automatic shutdown function with variable profit.
Pivot point, support resistance.
Loss recovery function.
Use ECN account.
The minimum balance is $500 and the leverage is $500.
Schedule H1.
Recommended symbols for automatic trading: all foreign exchange pairs except Swiss franc pairs.
If your broker uses a prefix or suffix (such as EURUSD.p), you should set it in the EA input.
Please allow Web requests to the following URL to get news filters and basic data. Note the HTTP and HTTPS links

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:

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