MT5 FX ea download the latest version of Great Breakthrough v7.8 DLL unlock

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In order to protect deposits, the system has a floating stop profit, which can be positive or negative, that is, stop profit loss, so that you can reduce your loss.

For some reason, the user didn’t pay attention to the description of the feature and was surprised to write it as a mistake. No, it’s not a friend’s fault, it’s to prevent loss.


Do not confuse the currency pair with the time range, or it will not work properly.

The tests in the strategy tester will vary from broker to broker, which applies to any EA transaction, so if any, test the consultant with multiple brokers.

Make a note of the currency pair in the trading symbol setting: AUDCAD;AUDCHF;AUDNZD;CADCHF;CHFJPY;EURAUD;EURCAD;EURCHF;EURUSD;GBPAUD;GBPCAD;GBPUSD;USDCAD;USDCHF (so even if your broker has a suffix, write it without a suffix and the suffix itself is in the field below).

It is important to change the Expert Advisor settings: remove the Expert Advisor from the chart and reposition it because a large amount of data is stored. And incorrect settings may be used.
The most important thing is that the type of transaction is available in the market overview. Otherwise, not all currency pairs are opened in the market overview by default.


Every trade is accompanied by a stop loss and a profit.

The system does not use martingale, averaging, grid and other dangerous money management methods.

The deal won’t hang for a few days.

A lot of currency pairs.

Expert Advisor uses limit orders to execute at the best price.

A pending limit order for Expert Advisor transactions.


The most important function!

Slippage display: enable slippery point analysis True enable False disable (disable False by default).

This feature will show how well your broker has opened and closed orders throughout the trading history, no matter how many smart trading systems are trading in the account!

Write down the currency pairs without a suffix on the right = the currency pairs that Expert Advisor will use (trade from a chart), and copy the currency pairs like this: AUDCAD;AUDCHF;AUDNZD;CADCHF;CHFJPY;EURAUD;EURCAD;EURCHF;EURUSD; GBPAUD;GBPCAD;GBPUSD;USDCAD;USDCHF.

GMT winter time of the policy tester.

Suffix (enter if the currency pair ends). M or _ m (described in detail in the new content section after the comment).

If MM is off, Lot = fixed number of hands.

MM= enables automatic drawing of lots.

The amount of opening 0.01lots = 1000 (with this setting, EA will open 0.01lots for every 1000 lots, if you have 5000 lots, it will open 0.05lots).
The market opens on Monday without trading = if it is true, no trading.. The transaction will be held on Monday night.

Wednesday..Trade on Wednesday (triple swap day) = if true, trade on Wednesday.

The Magic number of magic= consultant.

Comment= ‘s comments on the consultant deal

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