th 1 1 - 如何才能坚持早起?早起如何改变人生?


2021年8月 21号我在YouTube社区发了一条状态, On August 21, 2021, I made a post in the YouTube community,
说我在读了那本著名的5 AM CLUB 之后, saying that after reading the famous 5 AM CLUB,
已经坚持5点起床25天了。 I had been waking up at 5 am for 25 days.
我当时之所以要“早起” The reason why I wanted to do it was
就是想弄清楚这个”早起” to find out whether ”waking up early”
到底是不是像那本书里说的那么神奇, is as magical as the book said,
能够让你效率倍增,甚至彻底改变人生。 which can boost your efficiency and even completely change your life.
今天是2023年的1月5号, Today is January 5, 2023.
我坚持早起一年多的时间了, I have been getting up early for more than a year,
我想我终于搞懂了早起的奥义。 and I think I finally understand the secrets of getting up early.
那在这个视频里我就结合自己的真实体会, In this video, based my own my real experience,
聊一聊我们对早起的误解 I will talk about our misunderstandings about getting up early
以及如何做才能让”早起”真正帮你改变人生。 and how to really change your life by waking up early.
那视频的最后我也会分享一些帮助你早起的实用技巧。 At the end of that video I will also share some practical tips to help you get up early.
现在是早上5点15, It’s 5:15AM,
在这次尝试之前, Before this attempt at waking up early,
我其实有过两次失败的经历。 I actually failed twice.
那两次都比较激进, Those two times were more radical,
是4点起床。 getting up at 4 o’clock.
但是每次都是坚持不到一礼拜就放弃了。 But every time I gave up with in less than a week.
而我这次能够早起成功呢, And the reason I could make it this time
最主要是我当时经历了一个偶然。 was because of an “accident”.
而这次偶然 And this accident also made me find the reason
也让我找发现了我之前失败的真正的原因。 why I couldn’t stick to it before.
你看啊, You see, we often hear
我们经常听到很多名人早起的例子, many examples of celebrities getting up early,
比如富兰克林早上5点起床, such as Franklin getting up at 5 in the morning,
TIM COOK Tim Cook and
和迪斯尼的 Robert Iger Disney’s Robert Iger
都是四点半起床等等。 getting up at 4:30 and so on.
这些例子在我们潜意识里 These examples establish a causal relationship
建立了一种因果关系。 in our subconscious mind.
那就是他们的早起导致了他们的成功。 “Their early rise leads to their success”
但是问题是, But the problem is that even if there is
即使是早起和成功之间存在某种因果关系, some causal relationship between the two,
它显然也不是立即发生的, it obviously doesn’t happen immediately.
当这种好处不立竿见影的时候, And when the benefits aren’t immediate,
光靠意志力是很难坚持下去的。 it’s hard to stick with willpower alone.
我之前每次失败后都会想起 Every time I failed,I would think of something
小时候老师批评我们的那句话 my teacher would say to us when I was young,
”常立志不如立长志”。 “Changing aspirations is not as good as establishing long aspirations”.
对,我就是那个常立志的失败者。 Yes, I am the loser who is always “changing aspirations”.
然而我这一年多早起的经历 However, my experience of waking up early for more than a year
让我获得了一个新的角度, has given me a new perspective, that is,
有没有可能就是那些成功人士的早起 Is it possible that the early waking up of those successful people
并不是所谓的”立长志”, is not the so-called “establishing a long-term ambition”,
它更可能是一种“无利不起早”。 it is more likely a kind of “not getting up early without profit”.
早起的”好处“对他们来说 The “benefits” of waking up early may be
可能更加立竿见影。 more immediate for them.
那我把这种好处归结为两点, I think I can attribute this benefit to two points,
我认为它们才是早起的真正奥义。 I believe they are the real secrets of getting up early.
第一,我们应该focus在早起要做的事情上, First, we should focus on the things
而不是早起本身。 instead of getting up early itself.
第二,深刻懂得”早起“实际上是 Second, you need understand that “getting up early”
和时间进行的一种”田忌赛马“的游戏。 is actually a game of “Tian Ji horse racing” with time.
那我们先从第一点讲起。 So let’s start with the first point.
我一年前的这次尝试之所以能成功, My attempt a year ago was successful
是因为我当时有一个迫切需要解决的问题。 because I had a burning problem.
那就是学习如何做动画。 That is learning how to animate.
我这个是一个偏知识类的频道, I make a lot explainer videos,
很多视频都需要使用动画效果 and need to use animation
来呈现一些数据和原理。 to present the ideas.
早期的时候我跟很多人一样 In the early days,
从网上找现成的模板, I used templates from the Internet,
在刚开始的时候他们确实能帮我解决问题, At the beginning, they could do the job,
但是随着视频做的越来越多, but as my videos became more and more sophisticated.
越来越难,这些模板很难满足我特定的需求, These templates could hardly meet my needs,
非常浪费时间。 wasting a lot of time.
我急切需要从根本上解决这个问题, I urgently need to solve this problem fundamentally
学会做动画。 and learn to do animation.
于是我就把每天早上的6点到8点 So I spent all the time from 6:00 to 8:00
这段时间全部用来学做动画。 every morning learning animation.
这就是我当时的5-am project。 This was my 5-am project at the time.
这件事儿让我很快尝到了甜头。 his incident gave me a glimpse of the real power of waking up early.
我每天学到的东西都 What I learned every day could immediately be used
能立即用到我的视频制作当中, in my video production
开始帮我节省时间。 and started saving me time.
然后我就突然明白了, Then I suddenly understood that
我之前每次尝试早起失败 every time I tried to get up early and failed
是因为我在做一些别人告诉我该做的事情, because I was doing something that others told me to do,
比如什么冥想, 阅读, 运动 such as meditation, reading, exercise
或者去学一个我自己并不真正需要的软件和工具。 or learning a software or tool that I didn’t really need.
这里不要误会我的意思, Don’t get me wrong here,
我不是说这些事情不好, I’m not saying these things are bad,
我是说这些东西不是我需要的。 I’m saying these things are not what I need.
我当时更想解决一个急迫的问题, I was more interested in solving an urgent problem,
学做动画能给我提供更大和更立竿见影的好处。 and learning to do animation would provide me with greater and more immediate results.
这就是我的”无利不起早”。 This is my “not getting up early without profit”.
我到现在都还记着刚开始那几天 I still remember the first few days when I looked at my watch
每次学完动画之后看看表也就早上8点多的时间, after learning animation and it was just after 8 o’clock in the morning.
对很多人来说新的一天也才刚刚开始, For many people, a new day has just begun,
而我已经学了很多实用的东西, and I have learned a lot of practical skills
特别有成就感。 with a huge sense of accomplishment.
所以我认为,想要真正做到早起, So if you want to really get up early,
你需要一个明确的5-am project, you need a specific 5-am project,
这个Project可以有三种可能。 and there are three possibilities for this project.
那第一类5-am project 呢 The first 5-am project you can do is
可以是你特别需要的做的事情 things you NEED to do
所谓的”需要”就是能帮你解决问题的事情。 These are things that can help you solve problems.
我学动画就属于这一类。 That’s why I learned animation.
那每个人的需要是不同的。 Everyone’s needs are different.
比如前几天我一个学生说 For example, a student of mine said a few days ago
他要把自己的摄影作品打印出来, that he wanted to print out his photographic works,
但是不会弄。 but he couldn’t do it.
那学习照片的打印 Learning photo printing c
就可以是他的5-am project。 an be his 5-am project.
再比如你需要考取一个证书, Another example is that if you need to obtain a certificate,
那么准备考试就可以是你的5-am project等等。 preparing for the exam can be your 5-am project and so on.
第二类5-am project可以是你特别想要做的事情。 The second type of 5-am project can be something you really WANT to do.
比如,我平时读非小说类的书籍很多, For example, I read a lot of non-fictions,
但是我一直想读一些小说类的书籍。 but I have always wanted to read some fictions.
所以我有一阵子的5-am project, So I had a 5-am project for reading
就是去读指环王的三部曲。 the entire trilogy of Lord of the Rings.
你看我这里有原版的三部曲还有一些画册 This is the trilogy of Lord of the Rings and their artworks
那我当前的5-am project 就是学习西班牙语。 My current 5-am project is to learn Spanish.
除了自己需要和想要做的事情外, In addition to what you need and want to do,
第三类5-am project 可以是一件”特别不同的事情”。 the third type of 5-am project can be a “totally different thing”.
所谓的特别不同, These are things that are not particularly
是指和你每天的学习工作不是特别相关的事情。 related to your daily study or work.
它可以是一个你从来没想过要做的事情。 It can be something you never thought you would do.
比如你是个软件工程师, For example, if you are a software engineer,
你可以早上做一些和艺术相关的事情, you can do some art-related things in the morning,
研究一下艺术史啊, study art history,
学一学如何写歌儿作曲啊, learn how to write songs and compose music,
学个园艺室内装修设计等等。 learn gardening and interior design, etc.
当然这个特别不同的事情 Of course, this very different thing
和特别想做的事情可能是相同的。 can also be the thing you WANT to do.
比如我学西班牙语。 just like my learning Spanish.
我认为做不同的事很重要, I think it’s important to try different things,
因为它可能给你提供新的机会和可能, because it may open up new opportunities
也能帮你提高创造力。 and it can also help you improve creativity.
这就好像Google非常有名的20% 法则, This is like Google’s famous 20% rule,
那就是Google鼓励员工花费20%的时间 that is, Google encourages employees to spend 20% of their time
用在和自己常规工作不直接相关的项目上。 on projects that are not directly related to their regular work.
据说Google很多重要的产品 It is said that many of Google’s important products
都诞生于这些所谓“不相关”的项目中。 were born in these so-called “unrelated” projects.
那5-am project就相当于我们自己的20%法则。 That 5-am project is equivalent to our own 20% rule.
那说到这里可能有人会说, Speaking of which, some people may say,
为什么非得是早上起来做这些事儿呢? why do you have to get up in the morning to do these things?
难道我晚上熬夜不可以吗? Can’t I just stay up late at night?
OK, 这个问题的核心其实就是早起的奥义的第二点, OK, answer is actually the second secret of getting up early,
那就是早起实际上是和时间做“田忌赛马”的游戏。 that is, getting up early is actually a game of “Tianji’s horse racing” with time.
想要理解这个游戏, To understand this game,
你需要知道大脑和时间的两个特点。 you need to know two things about the brain and time.
第一,我们每天的生活就像是抱着一个罐子在做100米冲刺跑。 First, our daily life is like doing a 100-meter sprint carrying a jar.
我们的大脑就是这个罐子。 Our brain is the jar.
早上起来的时候它是空的, It is empty when we wake up in the morning,
也是我们最有能量的起跑阶段。 and it has the most energy.
随着一天的推进, As the day progresses
我们大脑接受和处理的信息和噪音会越来越多, and our brains take in and process more and more information and noise,
这个罐子就会越来越满, the jar gets fuller
我们越跑越慢。 and we run slower.
当我们最后冲刺的时候 When we are at the end of the sprint,
也是我们最疲惫的时候, we are the most exhausted,
这时候我们就需要去睡觉, then we need to go to sleep, empty this jar,
把这个罐子清空,第二天继续起跑。 and continue to run the next day.
第二,我们大脑这个罐子里装的东西 Second, the things in the jar
很多时候并不属于我们自己。 often do not belong to us.
如果你起床之后就是吃饭上班, If you eat and go to work right after waking up,
那么你就把大脑最有能量的时间给了 then you will give the best state of your brain
同事,老板,客户,商店,餐馆,等等。 to your co-workers, bosses, clients, shops, restaurants, etc.
这就好像你抱着这个罐子刚起跑, It’s like when you just start off,
别人就开始往里装他们的东西, other people start filling it with THEIR stuff,
占据它的空间。 taking up its space.
当你快到终点的时候, By the time you get to the end,
你的罐子已经快满了。 your tank is almost full.
如果这时候你决定做自己的Project, If you decide to do your own project at this time
要么这个罐子没空间了, either there is no space,
要么你已经抱不动这个罐子了。 or the jar is too heavy to hold.
实际上,对于我们大多数人来说, In fact, for most of us,
从下班到晚上睡觉前是垃圾时间。 the time between getting off work and before bed at night is “garbage time”.
我们大多数人在这段时间里效率很低, Most of us are pretty unproductive during this time,
只能做一些无脑的机械的事情。 doing mindless mechanical things.
比如刷手机,看电视,和别人吃饭等等。 For example, swiping mobile phones, watching TV, eating with others, etc.
更糟糕的是,由于手机和社交网络的发达, o make matters worse, due to popularity of mobile phones and social networks,
我们很多人会把这段垃圾时间无限延长, many of us will extend this garbage time indefinitely,
经常刷手机刷到后半夜。 often swiping our phones until after midnight.
这其实也是一种FOMO, This is actually a kind of FOMO.
不看手机的时候就好像错过了这个世界一样。 When you don’t look at your phone, “ou feel like “to have missed the world”.
所以总结下来, So to sum it up,
我们一天中拥有最好精力 the time of the day when we have the best energy
和最高效率的时间都被别人占据了。 Many people don’t really have time for themselves,
很多人其实没有属于自己的时间, and the most productivity are taken by someone else.
更不要提什么自我发展。 let alone for self-improvement.
早起做自己的5-am project Waking up early to do your own 5-am project
就是和时间做田忌赛马的游戏。 is a game of “Tianji’s horse racing” with time.
我们把7点或8点起床提前到5点, We advance the waking up time to 5 o’clock,
从5点到8点就是你做personal project的时间。 and from 5 o’clock to 8 o’clock is the time for you to do your personal projects.
你现在抱着一个空罐子起跑, You start off with an empty jar,
而且往罐子里装都是自己的东西。 and you fill it with your OWN stuff.
早起的意义就在于 The significance of getting up early is that
我们很”自私”的 we are being “selfish”
把大脑最宝贵的空间和效率 and actively leave the most precious space
主动留给了自己。 and efficiency of the brain to ourselves.
这段时间是别人想侵犯都无法侵犯的。 This period of time is inviolable even if others want to,
因为现在整个世界都还没有醒过来, because the whole world hasn’t woken up yet,
这时候没有工作,同事,甚至家人的打扰, and there is no work, colleagues, or even family members to bother you,
轮不到别人去填满你的罐子。 and it’s no one else’s turn to fill your jar.
我给大家看看早上5点多外面是什么样子啊 Let me show you what it like at 5 am at the outside.
一个人也没有 There is no one.
然后天上还有月亮 Look at the moon in the sky
所以,那些成功人士早起的原因 Therefore, the reason why those successful people wake up early
可能不是他们意志力有多高, may not be how strong their willpower is,
而是早起这一段时间 but that this period of time
是唯一属于他们自己的时间。 is the only time belongs to them.
他们为了自己在和时间做田忌赛马的游戏。 They are playing “Tianji’s horse racing” against time for themselves.
那这时候有人可能会问了, Now, someone may ask,
如果早上5点起床, if I get up at 5 o’clock in the morning,
我怎么去保证七八个小时的睡眠呢? how can I ensure seven or eight hours of sleep?
这个答案很简单, The simple answer
那就是9点或者10点上床睡觉。 is to go to bed at 9 or 10.
因为从我们下班到睡觉这段时间 Because the time from getting off work to going to bed
本来就是被手机或者别人占领的, is occupied by mobile phones or other people,
是大多数人本来就会浪费掉的垃圾时间。 it is garbage time that most people would have wasted.
所以把一部分垃圾时间 So it is very cost-effective to turn
变成睡眠和5-am project的时间 part of the garbage time into sleep
是非常合算的。 and 5-am project time.
这也是在和时间进行田忌赛马。 This is also part of the “Tianji horse race” we are playing against time.
实际上当你把这个5-am project 定义好之后 When you have defined your 5-am project,
你起床就不会那么的难了 It won’t be that hard for you to get up early
不过这里必须要强调的一点就是 But I must stress that
你没有必要逼迫自己后半生的每一天都要早起 You don’t have to force yourself to wake up early every day for the rest of your life.
别忘了,我们起来是为了做这些personal project的。 Don’t forget, we wake up early to do personal projects
当一个project结束之后呢你可以中断一段时间, When the project is over you can take a break
不需要感到内心有内疚。 and you shouldn’t feel guilty.
而且,我们的生活 Also, life changes and it is not practical
也不允许我们每天早起。 to wake up early for long periods of time without interruption.
比如我今年会去欧洲旅行一个多月, For example, I will travel to Europe for more than a month
横跨好几个时区, across several time zones.
那我是不可能每天早起做5-am project.   Obviously, it is impossible for me to get up early every day to do a 5-am project.
所以,听到这里你明白了早起的奥义了吗? So, do you understand the secrets of getting up early now?
如果你想做自己特别需要, If you want to do what you need, want,
特别想要,或者特别不同的事情去提升自己, or something different to improve yourself,
对于大多数人来说, for most people, getting up early to do
早起做自己的5-am project your own 5-am project
可能是你最务实也是唯一的机会。 may be your most practical and only opportunity.
那这个早起当然也是有技巧的 There are some tips to help you get up early
那像我每天早上起来之后 I will drink a cup of water
就是先会咕咚咕咚喝一大杯水 first thing in the morning
然后就出去散步 Then go for a walk outside
十几分钟左右 For more than ten minutes
那如果天气太冷的话 If it is too cold outside
我会站到我家后院 I would just go to my back yard
让冷空气把我给吹醒 Let the cold air the wake me up
那其实你也可以去做那种 You can also try some work out
稍微剧烈一点的运动 Something intense
让自己身上出汗 That makes you sweat
但是我不是特别喜欢啊 I don’t like it
那实际上就是你在 Actually, when you have
坚持了差不多两周左右 Been waking up for about two weeks
你的生物钟就自然的把你叫醒 You will wake up naturally
就没那么困 You won’t feel tired
你像我今天早上就是四点五十就醒了 I woke up at 4:50 AM today
再怎么也睡不着了 And then couldn’t fall asleep anymore
那想早起的第二点就是 The second trick is
为了防止我们看手机啊 To prevent you from looking at your phone,
头天晚上睡觉之前就可以 You can hide it
把手机放到客厅里 In the living room before sleep
那早上你可以拿那个闹钟 You can use an alarm clock
或者说你像我拿这个 Or use this
Apple Watch来把自己呃给叫醒 Apple Watch to wake you up
因为这个东西呢就是到点之后 When it is time to wake up, it will
它会在你手腕上玩命的震 Vibrate at your wrist
但是也不会去吵到别人 Won’t bother other people
这是挺好的方法 This is a good trick
那我也知道就是很多人想提前睡 I know a lot of you want to go to sleep early
九点十点睡就是怎么睡也睡不着 Like at 9 or 10 PM but can’t fall asleep
而且第二天醒来之后还会不舒服 And feel tired the next day
那这个其实有科学根据的 There is actually some study about it
就是研究发现 Research found that
如果你这个人超过 If you disrupt the time you usually go to sleep
就是打破你平时的入睡时间超过一个小时 By more than 1 hour
那无论你晚上睡多久 No matter how long you sleep
你第二天怎么去补觉 How many more hours of seep in the next day
你都会感到非常的累 You still get tired
所以呢如果你想调节睡眠 So the best way to change the time to go to bed
就是每次以半个小时为基准 Is do it by 30-min increments
来提前半个小时睡觉 To go the sleep
然后提前半个小时起床 And wake up.
直到达到你的这个目标的起床时间为止 Until you hit your target time
早起其实不是成功的原因, Waking up early is not the reason for success,
你的5-am project your 5-am project is
才是把你和别人区分开的重要因素。 what separates you from others.
OK,那以上就是我一年多 OK, the above are some of the insights I have summarized
坚持早起总结的一些感悟。 from my getting up early for more than a year.
如果你希望在新的一年里投资提升自己, If you want to invest in improving yourself
改变自己的人生轨迹的话, and change your life trajectory in the new year,
我强烈建议你也开始自己的5-am project, I strongly recommend you start your own 5-am project
加入我这个5点起床俱乐部。 and join my 5-am club.
那我也欢迎大家在评论区 You are welcome to share your experience
把自己早起的心得 of getting up early and
和你的5-am project分享给大家, your 5-am project in the comment area,
我们一起共同进步。 and let’s make progress together.
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