MT4 Forex ea download Golden Pickaxe v1.39 latest version of DLL unlock

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EA has high-performance live records of different settings files:

* *″>XAU Risky Vol.
Https://″>XAU Balanced Vol.
Https://″>XAU Risky.
Https://″>XAU Balanced.
Https://″>XAU Classic.

The″>MT5 version can be found here.

Golden Pickaxe is a mean-return grid trading system that uses machine learning techniques to conduct high-margin potential transactions in the gold market. It uses the real market inefficiency to gain market advantage. EA has five predefined settings files, which are essentially five different gold trading systems. You can choose the default option (XAU Risky) or have your own preferences.

Supported currency pair: * * XAUUSD (also known as gold).

Time range: M1.

Allows you to retrain the neural network based on the broker’s data.
Advanced News and Stock Market crash filters.
Flexible customization with a large number of filters and options.
Reliable return test and on-site performance.
Statistical panel with self-diagnosis system and neural network prediction index.
Much cheaper than available high-quality alternatives.
Very easy to use: just read the following two lines of instructions.
The Tick Data Suite GMT+2 of US Daylight time should be used for backtesting. Most brokers use this GMT offset.

How to install.
EA must be attached to only one * XAUUSD** M1 chart * *.
You need to grant EA access to the news list site and time server for news filters and time detection to work properly. Https://″> this is a link to a guide on how to do it (from 1:00 to 2:05).
Https://″>EA installation video.
Https://”> uses settings files and guidelines to archive.
EA is not sensitive to point difference and slip point. But I suggest using a good ECN broker.
EA should run continuously on VPS.
With a leverage ratio of 1:30, I do not recommend using a higher-than-low-risk setting on accounts below $6000, or you may run into problems with available margin. It should be no problem to set the highest risk on an account of $1000 with 1ROR 100 leverage.
MM and risk Settings.

Allow opening of new grids-turns on / off the opening of new grids. It does not affect the already open mesh.
Lot-sizing Method-choose the number of hands based on the risk you want to take: Fixed Lots will use the fixed number of hands in the “Fixed lot” parameter, Dynamic Lots will use the “Dynamic Lot” parameter, Deposit load will calculate the deposit load% based on the number of hands, and 4 predefined presets will automatically calculate the risk for you.
Fixed Lot-fixed number of traders for the initial transaction.
Number of dynamic hands (based on balance / equity) *-balance / benefit to be used for every 0.01 hands.
Deposit Load%-percentage of deposits that will be fully used to open the initial transaction.

Percentage point mode-on / off percentage point mode. Every point = 0.0001 * current exchange rate. Price.
Price Channel Period-used to calculate the Donchian channel cycle at the upper / lower level.
Price channel time frame-working TF of Donchian channel.
Daily EMA Period-Daily EMA cycle used to calculate medium-term trends.
Volatility filter-allows you to avoid risky trading during periods of high volatility.
Machine learning.

Enable neural network filter-use ML technology to turn transaction filtering on / off.
Use built-in perceptron configuration-if true, EA will use built-in perceptron configuration. If false,EA will load the custom configuration file Perceptron_Config.txt located in the common directory of all MT4/5 terminals.
Min Probability of Profit%-minimum prediction probability of trading profit.
Perceptron training.

Perceptron training mode-if true, EA will try to train the perceptron and save the results in the external configuration file Perceptron_Config.txt.
Dataset Max Size-the most big data set size of the raw data.
Neurons in the hidden layer-the number of neurons in the hidden layer. If zero, no hidden layer is used.
Training Algo-training algorithm: Levenberg-Marquardt or L-BFGS.
Number of restarts-

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