[unlimited XO MT4 ea download] InfinityXO v1.1 has no DLL version + parameters

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Monitor real-time IC (DAX+DOW): https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1809278″>https: / / www.mql5.com/en/signals/1809278.

InfinityXO can easily pass the Prop challenge on a propbroker 8CAP with 2.5% DD: https://www.mql5.com/en/signals/1765610″>https: / / www.mql5.com/en/signals/1765610.

InfinityXO uses a breakthrough strategy to trade in the first few hours of the European index DAX40 and the US DOW30.


Is is exponentially compatible with most major indices, but we recommend using DAX and DOW for best performance.


The strategy uses a fixed stop loss of ~ 25 points. A maximum of 5 transactions per day.

The Exit contains a tracking stop exit triggered by the “X” number of gain points. Use a 15-minute chart.

Orders are always closed or deleted on the same day, never using martingales, layers, grids, or additional average positions.

Each transaction uses the same number of hands, as defined by the user. Do not use the technique of increasing the number of hands. (although EA has recovery capabilities for advanced / experienced EA users).

The system needs a broker with good conditions and DAX40/DOW30 spread.

Note: not every broker will provide the same performance as the next broker, because there is a variety of different information in index trading, but as a general rule, a good and fair broker has a good spread and you will be fine.

Experts provide additional control functions for expert EA users, such as box stops with fixed stops, fixed stops, and additional options after loss. But for beginners or beginners, it is very easy to set up and use.

Back test:

Index trading is very different from spot foreign exchange trading, and because of the variety, it requires a more professional skill set. Retesting the index is not as simple as FX, because many brokers use different decimal places, some quote spot rates, some futures prices, some have maturity dates, others do not.

As mentioned earlier, EA is designed to run on five different charts, generating five maximum transactions per day. You will need to set up the file to backtest each chart. (comments section).

In addition, InfinityXO runs at very specific times of the day, so the test data must be consistent with the opening of the market. For example, the default is GMT+2, but many traders will pull dukascopy data and run back tests on GMT+0 data, so they will be completely offline. Therefore, unless you are very proficient in MT4 backesting and can easily manually adjust the deal window to suit your data, we recommend that you give it to us.

For example, DAX might look like 14534.00 or 145.34 or 14534.0, causing many quote changes to the same trading tool. For this reason, many people need our expert help to ensure that it is handled properly when we review your broker’s quote and make recommendations to the end user.

In addition, you need to test back in the correct market trading hours, because the spread of the non-working time index is much higher. (or enter manual spread).

SETFILES and BACKTESTS can be found in the comments section of the MT5 version of this product.

Performance and risk:

For the medium-risk operation mode, we recommend using 10.0 hands ($10 per point) for every 10K balance. (a loss of $250 per transaction. That is, a maximum loss of 2.5% per transaction), or 5k balance and 10.0 lots to cope with higher risk.

I provide setup guide page, help and chat help. The setting time is about 20-30 minutes. VPS is not required, but it is best.

Go to China Forex Forum to download this Forex ea:https://www.feixu.xyz/thread/1164

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