[Waka Waka EA MT4 3.28] No DLL unrestricted foreign exchange ea download

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Waka Waka is an advanced grid system that has been running on real accounts for many years. The system is not used to reflect historical data (as most people do), but to take advantage of existing market inefficiency. Therefore, this is not a simple “chance” system that relies solely on the grid to survive. Instead, it uses real market mechanisms to make a profit.

Supported currency pairs: * * AUDCAD,AUDNZD,NZDCAD.

Suggested time frame: M15.

A chart setting: all you need is a chart to trade all the symbols.
Multiple currency pair support.
Solid return test and live performance.
No need to adjust GMT.
Easy to use: just read the following three lines of instructions.
Much cheaper than the existing high-quality alternatives.
How to install.
EA must be attached to only one M15 chart. AUDCAD is recommended.
If your broker uses a suffix (such as AUDCAD.a), you should use the flag parameter * *.
Use only the recommended wire pairs. You don’t need it. Settings file, all settings are stored inside EA.
You need to give EA access to the news list website and the time server news filtering and time detection functions work properly. Https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xGulLtMVnR8 “> here is a link to how to do it (from 1 to 02:05).
Hedge the account!
EA is not sensitive to diffusion and slip. But I suggest using a good ECN broker.
EA should run continuously on VPS.
With only 1:30 leverage, I recommend that you do not use higher-than-low-risk settings on accounts under $6000, otherwise you may have a free margin problem. With a leverage ratio of 100, it should be okay to set a maximum significant risk for an account of $1000.
Risk setting.

Allow new grids to be opened-turn new grids on / off. It does not affect the mesh that is already open.
Batch method *-choose the batch method according to the risk you want to bear: fixed batches will use the fixed batch in the “fixed batch” parameter, dynamic batches will use the “dynamic batch” parameter, the deposit load will be calculated according to the deposit load%, and 4 predefined presets will automatically calculate the risk for you.
Fixed lot *-fixed number of traders for the initial transaction.
Dynamic batches (based on balance / equity) *-balance / equity used per 0.01 batch.
% -% of the deposit will be used to start the initial transaction.
Maximum batch *-maximum number of allowed traders.
Maximum spread in points *-maximum allowable range.
Maximum slip point of non-ECN acc, in points-maximum allowable slip point.
Maximum number of symbols at a time-maximum number of symbols allowed to open at the same time.
Allow hedging-allow multiple transactions on the same symbol.
Allow trading on holidays-Christmas / New year transaction filter.
Allow buy / sell *-on / off buy / sell transactions.
Maximum withdrawal percentage *-if the current floating withdrawal exceeds the specified%, EA will close the open position.

Flag *-symbols separated by commas (custom if empty).
Bollinger period *-BB period used to calculate the upper / lower limit.
Relative strength cycle * RSI cycle, which is used to filter transactions with low potential.
Maximum SSI value-value of RSI filter.
Profit from the initial transaction, in points * (if there is no grid transaction).
Get the grid profit in point * (weighted if zero)-profit-taking grid. If zero, then TP is measured, that is, it is equal to the TP cost of the initial order (not in dots!).
Grid stop loss, in points * (1000 points if zero)-stop loss of initial / grid transaction.
Hide stop loss on / off stop loss hide.
Grid Settin.

Trade distance-minutes. Points between grid (average) transactions.
Intelligent distance-automatically adjusts the trading distance according to market fluctuations.
Second trade multiplier *-multiplier for the second transaction.
Third to fifth trade multiplier *-multiplier for the 3rd-5th transaction.
6-Trade multiplier-6-Trade multiplier. Trade.
Maximum transactions-maximum number of grid (average) transactions.
The others.

Trade Review *-order remarks.
UID (0 …. 9)-unique EA instance number. You don’t usually need to change it.
Display panel-on / off information panel.
Go to the forum to download the foreign exchange ea: https://www.feixu.xyz/thread/1269

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