The latest version of Night Hunter Pro V6.56 mt4 DLL is unlocked

(including the best settings file on the official website)

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EA has real-time records of months of stable trading and low pullbacks:

[] ( “”) [] (

Https:// “> Best pairing (default).

Https:// “> high risk performance.

Night Hunter Pro is an advanced scalping system that uses intelligent entry / exit algorithms and complex filtering methods to identify only the safest entry points in periods of market calm. The system focuses on long-term and stable growth. It is a professional tool I developed many years ago. It is constantly updated and integrates all the latest innovations in the trading field. There is nothing special here, there is no holy grail of testing, no “risk-free martingale”, only strict rules-based trading methods that allow risk control while maximizing returns.

I suggest banning trading on weekends when the market is volatile (page 5.5)! [] ( “”).


Recommended time range: M5.

Https:// “> MT 5 version can be found here.

Tested FTMO compatibility-write to me for details.

EA “> compatible with FIFO.

EA does not use martingales or grids. It only enters trades with pending orders and sets stops for each trade!

A chart setting: you only need a chart to exchange varieties.
Multiple currency pair support.
Reliable back test and “> field performance.
Advanced News filter.
Automatic GMT detection.
Self-diagnosis system.
Negative exchange filter.
The US Daylight time Tick Data Suite GMT+2 should be used for backtesting * *. * * most brokers use this GMT offset.

How to install.
EA must be attached to only one M5 chart, EURUSD is recommended.

If your broker uses a suffix (such as EURUSD.a), you should update the name in the Symbol parameter * *.

Use only the recommended pairing. You don’t need a .set file, all settings are stored inside EA.

Please allow the following URL web requests for news filtering and GMT detection * * (delete spaces! ) * *:

[] ( “”).

# # #.

[] ( if you have any questions, please check the guide! [] ( “”).

EA requires good brokerage conditions: lows and slips during the extension period. I suggest using a very good ECN broker. Write to me personally for advice.
EA should run continuously on VPS.
Allow Opening a new Trade-Open / close Open New deal.
Lot-sizing Method-choose the number of hands based on the risk you want to take: Fixed Lots will use the fixed number of hands in the “Fixed lot” parameter, Dynamic Lots will use the Dynamic Lot parameter, and Max Risk per Trade will automatically calculate the risk for you based on the risk percentage of each transaction.
Fixed Lot-fixed number of traders.
Number of dynamic hands *-balance / benefit to be used for every 0.01 hands.
Maximum Lot-maximum number of allowed traders.
Maximum Spread, in pips-the maximum allowable spread for closing positions.
Maximum slip point of non-ECN acc, in points-maximum allowable slip point.
Maximum Symbols at at-maximum number of symbols allowed to open at the same time.
Allow buy / sell *-on / off buy / sell transaction.
Maximum percentage of withdrawal *-if the current floating withdrawal exceeds the specified percentage, EA will close the position.

Comma-separated symbol-list of currency pairs to trade. If your broker uses a suffix, you need to include a suffix!
Hour to Start/Stop Placing Orders-when to start / stop placing orders. If you want to optimize these parameters, set Smart Time Filter to false.
Smart time filter *-turn smart time filter on / off.
Hour to Stop Trading (on Friday)-time to stop trading (Friday). All open positions will be closed at this time.
New year Holiday filter-on / off Christmas / New year filter.
StopLoss, in pips-stop loss value of standard 4 loci.
Hide stop loss-on / off SL hide.
Rollover Time Filter-turns the flip filter on / off.
Swap filter-cancel trades with negative swap direction on Wednesday night.
Max Negative Swap, in pips-maximum negative overnight interest.
Enable News filter-turn News filter on / off.

Trade Review-Review.
UID (0 …. 9)-unique EA instance number. You don’t usually need to change it.
ShowPanel-opens / closes the information panel.
GMT/DST Test-GMT offset in winter and * * DST * * in the tester. This parameter has no effect on real-time transactions.
Go to the forum to download the foreign exchange ea:


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