News Catcher Pro MT4 3.34 dll Foreign Exchange ea download

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News catcher Professional Edition is a mean regression strategy that uses intra-day seasonal fluctuations caused by high-impact news events. It occurs at a specific time shortly before high-impact news events. It doesn’t trade very often! Supported currency pairs: GBP / USD, EUR / USD, EUR / GBP.
Suggested time range: M5MT5 version can be found here that EA is compatible with first-in-first-out.
To test EA back, you should download the news event data file ‘News activity .txt’ and copy it to the generic MT4/5 directory-“\ Common\ Files” (File-> Open data folder-> to Terminal-> Common-> File). The data file can be found in the comments section.
Features: a chart setting: you only need a chart to exchange trading varieties multiple currency pairs to support reliable back testing and live performance advanced news filters (available for policy testers) automatic Greenwich mean time detection self-diagnosis system.
The backtest should use the Real-time Quote data Suite to complete GMT + 2 and Daylight time. Most brokers use this GMT offset.

How to install EA must be attached to only one M5 chart it is recommended to use EURUSD if your broker uses a suffix (such as EURUSD.a), you should update the symbolic parameters to use only the recommended pair. You do not need .Set files, all settings are stored inside EA please allow network requests to the following URL for news filtering and GMT detection (remove spaces! :
Https: / / ec.forexprostools.comhttps: / / www.worldtimeserver.comhttp: / /

EA should continue to run well on VPS ECN brokers are preferable.
Set allow to open new transactions-open / close new transactions adjustment method-choose the number of hands adjustment method according to the risk you want to take: the fixed number of hands will use the fixed number of hands in the “fixed number of hands” parameter, and the dynamic number of hands will use the dynamic number of hands parameters. the maximum risk of each transaction will be calculated based on the risk percentage of each transaction. The 3 predefined presets will automatically calculate the number of risk fixed hands for you-fixed number of hands dynamic-balance / maximum number of trades used / net maximum number of hands used per 0.01 lots-maximum allowable number of traders spread, in points-maximum allowable spread of positions to close the maximum slip point of non-ECN accounts. Maximum number of symbols allowed to slip at one time-maximum number of symbols allowed to open at the same time-maximum number of net currencies allowed to open at the same time-maximum number of open positions allowed (not symbols / currency pairs) allows to buy / sell-open / close buy / sell transactions in the same direction allows hedging-allows multiple directions to be opened on the same trading variety. Minimum available margin percentage for the transaction-if the available margin percentage is lower than the specified value. EA will not place new pending orders and will cancel the maximum floating withdrawal percentage (currency) of placed orders-if the current floating withdrawal exceeds the specified% (value), EA will close the maximum withdrawal of open positions-allowing you to specify the action (in currency or percentage) to be taken after the maximum withdrawal is reached.

Comma-separated symbol-list of currency pairs to trade. Need to include a suffix if your broker uses one! PCh cycle-price channel cycle (PCh) PCh offset-offset ATR cycle at PCh level-cycle holding time stop for daily ATR indicator-maximum position time, hours in M5 column for Friday stop trading-Friday stop trading hour. All open positions will be closed at this time New year Holiday filter-on / off Christmas / New year filter stop profit / stop,% ATR-stop profit / stop based on volatility, unit is% ATR Hidden stop-on / off Hidden enable News filter-on / off News filter before / after event-allows trading before / after high impact event.

Trade Review-comment UID (0 …. 9)-unique EA instance number. There is usually no need to change its display panel-on / off information panel disables automatic GMT detection-set it to “true” to disable automatic GMT detection. You can use the GMT Test / Manual and DST Test / Manual parameters to manually set GMT offsets in real-time transactions. Greenwich mean time / Daylight time Test / Manual-Greenwich mean time offset in winter and daylight saving time.

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