TopBottomEA MT4-the latest 4-year firm offer to focus on 2 currencies at a time

TopBottomEA MT4-the latest 4-year firm offer to focus on 2 currencies at a time.

Advantages of TopBottomEA: the first EA to support small principal work, which has been on the market for more than 4 years; this EA is based on volatility adaptive mechanism, placing only one order at a time, with a stop loss of about 4 orders per day, holding an order for about 12 hours, using Dukascopy real historical data, and running back test for more than 10 years with a limit principal of $20. The price increases * * 100 every three days, and the process of price increase is: 380-> 480-> 580-> * * 698 *-> 798. Up to the target price of 4999, after purchase, during the period of EA work, you can compare with our real viewing account transaction records.

If you encounter installation and EA back test problems, “> please send a message; after 8 days of purchase, you can get the” > Band trend indicator indicator for free.

Challenge minimum fund real account 1: “> quality [reliability] 5 boxes.

Challenge minimum fund real account 2: “> quality [reliability] 5 boxes.

Support currency: GBPCAD, EURSGD, other varieties will be increased in the future, everyone’s goal is to make money, only choose the best, the currency is not more in the essence, so that the income is more stable.

Support cycle: M1 Chart.

Platform recommendation: icmarkets platform original spread account, exness platform zero account, these two platforms have been used with good results. In order to gain more and unify the effect, it is best to use the recommended platform, which is convenient to compare with our real viewing account transaction records.

Position suggestion: for the withdrawal of sensitive friends, it is suggested that the two currencies of 1000 should be hung separately; for those who are not sensitive to withdrawal, it is recommended that the two currencies of the 1000 position should be hung separately.

Usage: load it into GBPCAD and EURSGD,1M charts respectively. You don’t need to adjust any parameters, just follow the recommended number of hands according to the position.

Risk Tip: please strictly follow the above recommendations and recommendations to use EA, if you privately change the currency, or do not adjust the number of positions as recommended, at your own risk.

Establish a correct mentality and concept of using EA:

1, whether there is a single market decision, perhaps not a single order a day, perhaps a few days of the order quantity, the larger the market, the more the order quantity.

2, a perfect EA curve tends to fluctuate up and down. Only the Martin strategy curve is straight, but it will return to zero at any time.

3, do not be eager for quick success and quick profit in trading. A good EA does not make a profit every day. Each EA has its own specific and most suitable market. It may be a break-even or small profit in a market that is not suitable for 80%. In a market that is suitable for 20%, it may be a fast-rising profit. If you can’t stand the hardships of 80%, there will be no 20% fast-rising earnings.

4, in line with a sound investment mentality, under the premise of stability, the pursuit of a reasonable long-term stable return; against relying on luck, no stop loss, dead shoulder, etc., there are huge risks hidden behind; stop loss in exchange for profits, in the continuous stop loss and stop profit to gain stable long-term returns.

5, manual trading requires a state of mind, using EA also requires a good state of mind, using EA is like growing vegetables, the more frequently you pay attention, the less likely you will grow, because you are slowly experiencing this time process and always think that it is too slow. When you do not care, unwittingly grow very high, please set up the correct investment mentality, do not be bored.

6, slow = fast: it means that when the EA framework can grow steadily under the constraint of placing only one order at a time, it means that the risk is controllable, that is, slow equals fast.

7, fast = burst: it means that when the EA frame is loose under the loose condition of [no stop loss, dead carrying order], it shows that the risk is uncontrollable, that is, fast is equal to explosion.

Say no to piracy: because TopBottomEA contains an algorithm to detect all fake versions, etc., if your activation is used for piracy, all subsequent activations will not work properly, please be careful.

Parameter description:

ParameterSwitching / / false status is an automatic parameter, and true status is an adjustable parameter (switch control parameters are: Volatility, StopLoss,Profit).

Volatility / / volatility parameter. The larger the parameter, the less the unit quantity.

StopLoss / / stop loss parameter.

Profit / / stop profit parameter.

The Pointdifferencelimit / / spread parameter, which does not work when the platform spread exceeds it.

Displayswitch / / data panel switch, off by default.

CommentName / / comment parameter. You can choose your own name.

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